Natural Sciences & Mathematics (NAMS) Virtual Open House

School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Overview


Welcome to the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NAMS) at Stockton University. Undergraduate degree programs are offered in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geology, Marine Science, Mathematics, Applied Physics and Sustainability. Graduate Programs include a Professional Science Masters in Environmental Science and a Masters in Data Science and Strategic Analytics.Our faculty has a strong interdisciplinary interest coupled with a commitment to maintaining the strengths and standards of the traditional academic disciplines. NAMS offers a rigorous, student-centered curriculum with emphasis on teaching and faculty-mentored student research. Stockton graduates in the sciences and mathematics have a high success rate in graduate and professional school admissions, as well as securing employment within their areas of study.

Undergraduate Programs

Feel free to watch the previously recorded information sessions to learn more about our programs. 


Applied Physics & Engineering Programs

As an undergraduate, studying physics affords many benefits in employability and potential careers in science and beyond! Talk live with our physics professor to learn about our program and YOUR future career.

Explore careers/training in: astronomy/astrophysics, engineering, optics, forensic physics (ballastics, blood splatter, birefringence, etc.), acoustics, computation, gateway to pre-professions [medical, dental, veterinary], education, health sciences.

Biology Program

Explore careers as a: biologist, botanist, pharmacologist, ecologist, nature conservation officer, biotechnologist, forensic scientist, government agency roles, science writer, zoologist, educator, research scientist, gateway to professional careers [medical, veterinarian, dental, pharmacy] and allied health professions [physical therapist, radiologist, dental hygienist, physician assistant].


Biochemistry/Molecular Biology Program

Accredited by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB), the Biochemistry/Molecular Biology at Stockton combines knowledge about the cellular aspects of Biology with Chemistry to understand life at the molecular level.

Because of the transferable and highly employable skills you can develop while pursuing your bachelor's degree in biochemistry, you'll have a wide variety of career options when you graduate. Explore careers/training in: bioinformation, biomed research, biostatistics, clinical research, dentist, genetic counseling, education, nursing, optometry, pharmaceutical research, pharmacy, physical therapy, medical (physician and physician assistant).

Chemistry Program

An undergraduate degree in chemistry makes you ready enter the workforce after graduation. Join our professor as she discusses the various careers our program can prepare you for.

Explore careers/training in: academic research, chemical analytics, biotechnology, chemical engineering, biochemistry, forensics, nanotechnology, pharmacology, laboratory science, toxicology, environmental consulting, radiation protection, education, gateway to pre-professions [medical, dental, veterinary].

Environmental Science/Studies & BS-PSM Programs

Are you considering going to college for a degree in environmental science? Stockton University is an amazing choice! Nestled in 1600 acres of protected Pine Barrens and only 15 minutes away from protected shoreline habitat, there is no better place for hands-on environmental science education. Plus, we offer an accelerated master's degree!

In the previously recorded event, Aaron Stoler provides an overview of the Environmental Sciences program. He talks about the experience, the curriculum, and the jobs that would be available to you! He also takes a live tour of the nature around Stockton. 

Geology Program

Geology is an interdisciplinary science that utilizes chemistry, physics, and biology to investigate the present and past Earth as well as ensure that modern society can function in congruence with our planet. This includes everything from studying earthquakes, volcanoes, natural resources, fossils, sedimentary processes, ground stability, climate change, surface and groundwater, environmental pollution and more. Stockton’s Geology program will prepare you to pursue careers in a wide variety of options that can be found all over the world.

Our geology professor discusses the versatility of careers a geology degree can offer. With a degree in Geology, you can explore careers in environmental consulting, geotechnical engineering, engineering geology, mineral exploration, oil and natural gas exploration, geophysics, hydrogeology, paleontology, volcanology, marine geology, planetary geology, academic research, and education.

Marine Science Program

Have a passion for the ocean? Interested in a degree in marine science but not sure if that's marine biology or oceanography? 

From the classrooms at the Stockton University Marine Field Station (MFS) to the boats on the Mullica River. This information session will provide you with a glimpse into your future as a marine science student at Stockton.

Mathematics Program

Mathematics is the only universal language spoken around the globe! Math plays a central role in science, technology, finance, communications and numerous other industries. Earning an undergraduate degree in mathematics will provide you access to some of the highest-paying opportunities in business sectors you may not have considered.  

With a degree in mathematics, you can explore careers data science, aerospace engineering, education, engineering, meteorology, accounting and finance, market research analysis, corporate advisor, actuary, and logistics.

In this information sessoins, you will talk live with our mathematics professor to learn about the our program and the demand for mathematical experts across industries and around the world.

Want to teach, but don’t want to spend the extra time and expense in obtaining a teaching certificate? Learn how our education concentration – the only program in the state of New Jersey – allows an undergraduate to earn a degree in mathematics with a K-12 teaching certificate in only 4 years!

Dr. Wu will discuss how your career goals can be realized through one of our concentrations: general, actuarial and education.  

Coming Soon

Mathematics students


Pre-Health Professions Program

We have developed formal articulation agreements with a number of medical and other health professions schools. These agreements are designed to provide early admission decisions to outstanding students and in some cases to allow completion of a baccalaureate and professional degree in six or seven years.

The following options are available:

  1. Dual-degree B.S. in Biology at Stockton and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) at Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine.
  2. Dual-degree B.S. in Biochemistry at Stockton and Doctor of Pharmacy at Rutgers University Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy.
  3. Dual-degree B.S. at Stockton and Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) at Rutgers University School of Dental Medicine.

Sustainability Program

Stockton’s Sustainability program is one of only a handful of programs in the nation! Learn about our program’s broad, interdisciplinary education that will prepare you for careers to tackle today’s global issues.

Join our sustainability professor and students during this special event to learn about our program and the exciting training we offer our students in the careers of the future! 

Explore careers/training in: farm/agriculture training, alternative energy, energy systems operations, energy policy and regulations, law, green finance and accounting, green entrepreneurship, ecological forest management, marine conservation, technology [computer assisted design [CAD] and 3D printing].

Marine Field Station

The Marine Field Station is a facility of the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at Stockton University and a member laboratory of the University National Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS). The Marine Field Station is used as a teaching and research destination for numerous NAMS' academic programs, including foremost the marine science program, as well as biology, environmental studies, geology, and the professional science masters program.  

The Marine Field Station is on an eight-acre waterfront site in the Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve and only 15 minutes from the Galloway campus and 30 minutes from the Atlantic City campus. The MFS makes available the facilities, research vessels, sampling equipment, and staff to provide Stockton students with hands-on learning experiences in a marine environment second to none.


The Marine Field Station is also home to the University’s Coastal Research Center, a grant and contract-funded research organization focusing on many of New Jersey’s coastal zone issues.  Both the Marine Field Station and the Coastal Research Center provide research and work opportunities for students.

Climb aboard the research vessel (R/V) Petrel with our Marine Field Station Manager Steve Evert and examine the state-of-the-art marine technology instrumentation. He will then guide you on virtual tour of the of the Marine Field Station facilities where you will learn about the facility’s marine operations program and the extensive resources that support the science programs at Stockton. Two of our Oceanography students will be joining Steve remotely for an opportunity to chat about their coursework and current research projects.

Unified Science Center II Virtual Tour

Located on the Galloway campus, the Unified Science Center II (USC-2) is home to the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Construction was completed in 2018 on the $33.2 million dollar facility as a cornerstone structure to the new academic quad on campus. 

Join us as our students explore the many features this new building offers our undergraduate students.


PSM in Environmental Science

Offers working professionals and qualified undergraduates an education that is multidisciplinary and applications-oriented, preparing graduates for professional advancement in the business and regulatory worlds.

Data Science and Strategic Analytics

Offers substantial experience in sophisticated, industry standard, computational software and programming tools, prepares students to explore data driven problems in the science, business, social science, medicine and/or the humanities.

Coastal Zone Management

Prepares the next generation of coastal managers and scientists who will provide the expertise to government, private business and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with significant investments and concerns in the coastal zone.


Energy Certificate

Educate students in the multifaceted problems associated with energy use in our society and to pose methods for possible solutions to problems.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

GIS is also a necessary tool in a decision-making process for strategic planning and location selection.


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