Stockton University has no emergencies to report and is operating normally.

If there were an emergency, this website would be updated frequently with instructions and information about the incident, campus services and resources available to the Stockton community.


In an emergency that requires immediate help from police, fire fighters or medical technicians, call 911.

Emergency Text Messaging System

Students, faculty and staff are urged to "Opt In" to the University emergency text-messaging system, which enables a limited number of campus administrators to send urgent text messages to subscribers' cell phones in the event of an emergency. To subscribe, log into goStockton, go to the Student Services tab, then to the Personal Information channel, click on Update Emergency Text Messaging Contacts, and provide contact information.

Be Prepared

Faculty and staff of Stockton University should make themselves familiar with the information and procedures outlined in Be Prepared. Please refer to the University’s programs and policies for detailed information.