Women's History Month: Songs, Articles & Resources

In honor of Women’s History Month, members of the Campus Committee on Diversity and Inclusive Excellence created a playlist of songs celebrating women and a collection of articles and resources:



Honoring Trailblazers

The Stockton community frequently honors and acknowledges the women that shattered glass ceilings and made a tremendous impact on the world around them. We do this through hosting panel discussions and symposiums that delve deep into timely conversations and curating exhibits that speak to their experiences. One such trailblazer, former president Vera King Farris, has a permanent presence on campus through the students she personally mentored – affectionately called “Vera’s Kids” – who are still a part of Stockton’s fabric and the road leading to campus off of Jimmie Leeds.

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“Spotlight On” Series

Created by URM’s Amanda McCullough, ’04, the series seeks to showcase the achievements and accomplishments of Stockton University staff and faculty. The series showcases countless accolades earned by the women of Stockton, including Mariana Smith, associate professor of Art, who was one of four featured artists representing the United States in a Dresden, Germany exhibition, and Tara Williams, director of Graduate Admissions, and her recent acceptance into the 2023 Lead New Jersey Class Fellowship.

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The Next Generation of Leaders

Before becoming change agents, status quo disruptors and decision-makers, powerful women start their journeys as students. As such, Stockton frequently looks for opportunities to support students before they even step on campus as freshmen. Programs like Latino Visitation Day, GOALS/GEAR UP and the annual MLK Day of Service panel invite students to campus to imagine themselves as the leaders they want to become one day. Another, the American Association of University Women (AAUW) Tech Trek program, specifically targets middle to high school girls, encouraging them to think about careers in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.

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