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What We Can Achieve as a Global Citizen? 

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Global Citizen

Global Virtual Internship 

Global Virtual/Remote Internships provide students with the chance to gain practical 21st century skills and international experience without leaving their home. 

    • ISA: Students will have the chance to work with a company in one of six countries across Asia, Europe, and the Pacific. The deadline to apply for this summer is May 1. See more information here. For questions, please contact the ISA Internship Team at internships@studiesabroad.com.
    • CISAbroad:  Stockton students will receive a $500 off of any virtual internships. Please contact oge@stockton.edu for details. 
    • CEAPlacements are arranged in collaboration with our existing portfolio of internship partners across 10 locations throughout Europe, South America, and Australia. The placements will be paired with CEA's signature academic course, "The Multicultural Workplace", and each student will be guided by a NACE-certified internship coach and international internship team before, during, and after the internship. See more information here.
    • CAPA: Remote global internship in Barcelona | Buenos Aires | Dublin | Florence | London | Sydney | Shanghai

Choose Stockton! Our International Student Profile 

Sam Al Hajjar

Sam Al Hajjar '19

Hometown: Beirut, Lebanon
Class Year: 2019
Major: Business Studies with a Concentration in Finance
Minor: Economics

At first, Stockton was just a place where my previous university, Lebanese American University, had an exchange program. But the more research I did, the more I saw Stockton as a place to grow and evolve, and that is exactly what it gave me a chance to do. I found Stockton to have the environment best suited for me, while at the same time being affordable.

Wherever you're from, whoever you are, Stockton has a place for you!