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Stockton University's Galloway campus is part of the Pinelands National Reserve, a UN biosphere reserve; its Atlantic City campus sits beachfront in that historic city. Read stories about the beautiful and breathtaking places located on all of Stockton's campuses and in the surrounding areas.


48 Blocks Wall Art

48 Blocks, One City

Stockton's collaboration with the Atlantic City Arts Foundation's 48 Blocks Project. 

The Art Room: The Nexus of Our Community

The Art Room

The unique creative space in the Arts & Sciences Building.

Ceder Bog Bridge

Cedar Bog Bridge

The history of the Cedar Bog Bridge on one of Stockton's wooded walking paths.  

bridege on Lake Fred

The Historic Caldwell-Woodruff Sawmill Site

A historic saw mill (and its dam) that once existed alongside Lake Fred.

lily pads on Lake Fred

Lake Fred's Cranberry Production

The history of cranberry production on Lake Fred in the 1900s.

The Kennedy Farm

The Kennedy Farm

The Kennedy family, their farm, and their conflict with the NJ Department of Higher Education.

Lamppost Graveyard

The Lamppost Graveyard

The remains of past parking lots.

Lake Fred

Naming Lake Fred

The conflicting accounts about the naming of Lake Fred.

Dom Messina Bench.

On-Campus Memorials

Remembering deceased faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community leaders.  

The President's Cabin Fire

The President's Cabin Fire

Burning President Richard Bjork's Office.

The Spray Field: Stockton's First Environmental Initiative

The Spray Field

Stockton's effluent disposal system in the 1970s and its lasting environmental impact.

Three Places to Visit on Campus

Three Places to Visit on Campus

Unique settings at Stockton.

Thumbnail displaying a color image of Stockton's pool

Stockton's Pool

How Stockton went from having a pool to an art gallery.

Thumbnail displaying a brick from the Mayflower

The Archives: Home of Stockton Stories

Taking a look at some gifts to Stockton's Archives.

Black and White Aerial Photo of Campus before the Addition of the Campus Center

Stockton's Campus Center

How Stockton had to take the beloved trees down to make room for the Campus Center