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At Stockton University, students have always been the catalyst for change.

Below, read about these students, their organizing, odd tales, and achievements.


Urban Legends

Urban Legends

Spooky tales of Stockton University.

Stockton A Cappella

Stockton A Cappella

The pursuit of acoustical excellence.

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Hitchhiking to College

Early students' commute from Brigantine to Stockton.

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Steve Rulli at the Mayflower

Steve Rulli tells a tale of early student bonding at The Mayflower.

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50 Years of The Argo: Stockton's Legends of Journalism

Documenting the history of Stockton's student-run newspaper.

The Legend of Le Villain

The Legend of Le Villain

Dastardly feats of parking ticket thievery. 

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Counseling and Health Services: An Early Stockton Controversey

John Searight recounts Stockton's fight for counseling services.

The school mascot, The Osprey

Voting on Stockton's Mascot

Voting to become The Ospreys.