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 Throughout its history, Stockton University has crossed paths with an incalculable amount of talented and capable souls.

Read stories about a few of Stockton University's most standout individuals.


Elizabeth Alton's Letters

Elizabeth Alton's Letters

Pushing to establish Stockton.

Bjork and Riesman

The Bjork-Riesman Correspondence

Letters between a president and a sociologist. 


A Look at the Founding Deans

A Look at the Founding Deans


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Famous Visitors

Looking back on Stockton's famous visitors.

Prospectus 71

Prospectus 71

Advertising an unbuilt school.

Q&A with Dr. William Lubenow

Q&A with Dr. William Lubenow

Examining on-campus social dynamics.

Q&A with Dr. William Lubenow

Q&A with Dr. Yitzhak Sharon

Reflecting on a 47 year career at Stockton.

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Luanne Anton's Nineteen-Year Journey as Stockton's First Health Educator

Luanne Anton tells about her career at Stockton.


Berline Stephens

The Truth About Berline Stephens

Righting misconceptions about her fate.

Simon Mpondo

The Story of Simon Mpondo

The tragic fate of one of Stockton's first literature professors.


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The Nancy Ashton Collection: A Living Legacy

Nancy Ashton is remembered through her collection of feminist literature.

Don Bragg in black and white smiling while wearing an olympic jacket

Don Bragg, Stockton’s first Athletic Director

Don Bragg was an Olympic pole vaulter and almost a Hollywood movie star with a legacy at Stockton University.

Reverend Carl McIntire marched on the Boardwalk holding sign that says, "Stockton Promotes Revolution"

Stockton Federation of Teachers

Find out how How Dick Bjork and the Mayflower’s Mickey Finn Room created the Stockton Federation of Teachers in 1972