Zoom Meetings

Zoom Tips

To schedule a zoom meeting, navigate to stockton.edu/zoom and click on the “Host Meeting” button.

  Host a meeting button

You will be asked to login.

Portal Login

You will then be taken to a page that will allow you to fill out necessary details to schedule your meeting. Be sure to set the meeting's time zone to the appropriate location - Stockton's local time is GMT-5 "Eastern Time".

Schedule A meeting

After scheduling the meeting, you will be brought to the meeting details page. From here you can add the meeting to your Outlook calendar and invite attendees. To invite attendees, click on the "Copy the Invitation" link; the resulting pop-up window will contain a template that can be copied and e-mailed to attendees.

A screenshot showing the location of the button "copy the invitation" which can be found after scheduling a zoom meeting.

Please see the video HERE for a detailed step by step process on how to schedule a meeting. 

When joining your meeting, you’ll have the ability to select your audio source and test your microphone and speakers.

 join and test audio

As a host, you can also mute incoming participants. Zoom Mute

For more details on how to adjust your audio levels see the video HERE on how to setup your sound for a Zoom meeting.    

To record a zoom meeting toggle the record button at the bottom of the window. 


See the video HERE for a detailed overview on how to record Zoom meetings.    

When scheduling a meeting you can email the participants the information, alternatively you can also invite new participants while in the meeting using the invite button.

Zoom Invite

For more details information please see the video HERE on how to invite participants to zoom meetings.