Esports Management

Esports has become one of the most rapidly growing, multi-national, billion-dollar industries driven by the growing prevalence of (online) games and online broadcasting technologies.

This program is designed to meet the rapidly growing needs of this industry and prepare you to be a leader with a robust esports background focused in business management and events.

About the Program

At Stockton University, we do more than play games; our program unleashes passion and builds transferable skills necessary to fill the Esports ecosystem talent pipeline.​

The BS in Esports Management degree is highly interdisciplinary, building foundations across the School of Business including Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management, Business Studies (Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing), and Computer Science. Students enrolled in this program gain hands-on experience within the university’s Esports student community and competitive team, local professional Esports organizations, and business partners including the  Atlantic City Esports Innovation Center located in Stockton’s residential building complex. Students will learn business fundamentals, how to manage and produce Esports events, and develop skills as part of the program’s experiential learning sequence including professional work experience and internship requirements.

Program Chair

Dr. Noel Criscione-Naylor
Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management Studies & Associate Professor
Esports Trade Association Member
AC-224T | 609-992-4714

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Upon onboarding for this position at Esports Illustrated, I did not anticipate such a need for people like me, seeking how to convey my viewpoints in esports to others also trying to build their gaming knowledge from scratch. It guided a stronger focus to where I can easily connect my own experience into pieces I help write and have the ability to teach myself along the way.....
I have observed in my time here, the esports community is growing quickly and welcomes a passionate group of people who enjoy video games and competing.
Jenna Fiorito
Stockton University Student
Esports Illustrated Intern, Summer 2023
Million Esports Audience as of 2023
*According to Demand Sage
Billion Market Value by 2029
*According to Demand Sage
Jobs Globally
*According to Hitmarker

Career Paths

The BS in Esports Management prepares students for a variety of careers within the Esports Ecosystem. The most common Esports career opportunities can be broken down into three main areas:

Careers in Events

  • Event Assistant
  • Regional Gaming Events Manager
  • Community & Venue Manager
  • Manager - Facility Booking
  • Event Producer
  • Event Management Intern

Careers in Marketing

  • Marketing Lead
  • User Acquisition
  • Brand Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Media Strategist
  • Production Marketing Manager
  • Strategy Manager
  • Creative Development Specialist
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Growth Marketing Manager
  • Brand Marketing Coordinator
  • Live Event Digital Marketing Assistant
  • Lifecycle Marketing Manager
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Digital Marketing Assistant

Careers in Project Management

  • Project Manager
  • Content Planning
  • Technical Project Manager
  • Publishing Specialist
  • Strategic Planning Associate
  • Development Manager
  • Producer
  • Community Manager


The Career Education and Development team at Stockton stands ready to assist you with anything related to your career development. Narrowing down career options, job searching, graduate school applications, connecting with employers - they assist with it all!


While degrees and courses in Esports Management have been announced across the Unites States, Stockton University’s BS in Esports Management program is distinctive.

Professional Work Experience

Students will complete the program having earned 156 hours of professional work experience specifically with Stockton’s Esports team in multiple capacities (no more than 75 hours as a “player”). This course is part of the program’s “Experiential Learning Sequence” and prepares students to successfully engage in the program’s internship requirement.

Internship Requirement

Students are required to gain hands-on experience as part of the program. Students have access to develop the required skills in various internal and external opportunities with the Stockton University Esports competitive team, Stockton’s Esports Innovation Center, the Atlantic City market, surrounding areas, and beyond. Students will have earned an additional 225 hours of work experience in an external Esports and/or core competency related internship within the Esports ecosystem. Students will conclude the program with 381 total experience hours.

Interdisciplinary Degree with Business Management Core

The Esports Management Program is a culmination of content from the three core areas in Stockton’s School of Business. The BS in Esports Management will provide robust educational opportunities for those seeking to enter the Esports industry, including 80 credits focused on Esports Management and related hospitality, tourism, and business topics, along with 48 credits of non-business courses, including Stockton’s general studies curriculum that ensures students have an interdisciplinary, liberal arts education. The developed curriculum follows AACSB standards, and the program is under the School of Business existing accreditation. AACSB accreditation ensures that business schools meet the highest standards of excellence in teaching, research, curriculum, and learner success.

BS in Esports Management Learning Outcomes

ESPM students will be able to understand Esports Management.

  1. Graduates will be able to demonstrate an understanding of important management concepts for various segments of Esports within the HTE (Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management centers) including:
    1. Economic, legal, and social environments;
    2. Corporate social responsibility and sustainability;
    3. Financial management;
    4. Organizational systems and processes;
    5. Esports Management, hospitality and tourism business strategies.
  2. Graduates will be able to reflectively think on experiences in their coursework and profession and be able to translate knowledge of business and management into practice and in society.

ESPM Esports students will be able to give examples of and evaluate ethical situations and issues in order to make good management decisions.

  1. Graduates will demonstrate ethical decision-making skills through analytical analysis of ethical issues and situations.

ESPM Esports students will develop respect for diversity in the international community as they attend classes in the program and work side by side with various cultures.

  1. Graduates will develop global and cross-cultural understanding that contributes to a globalized society.
  2. Graduates will be able to demonstrate an understanding of workforce and customer diversity in organizations.

ESPM Esports students will communicate and present content effectively in a professional manner.

  1. Oral Communication: graduates will deliver information in an organized, persuasive and logical manner using supportive documentation and visual aids.
  2. Written Communication: graduates will create documents that are technical, analytical, relevant in content and well organized.
  3. Computer Literacy: graduates will demonstrate knowledge of information technology relative to the Esports Management professional practice that requires adaptation and innovation to solve problems.

ESPM Esports students will be able to research Esports, hospitality, tourism and event management topics and make decisions about goals, objectives and company strategies.

  1. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to frame and analyze problems.

ESPM Esports students will become proficient in the development of group dynamic and teamwork abilities.

  1. Graduates will be able to work effectively in teams.

Curriculum Worksheets

Fall 2023 — Spring 2024


Jennifer Aarons

Jennifer Aarons

Assistant Professor of Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management Studies and Esports Management
609-761-1258 | AC-224L
Noel Criscione-Naylor

Noel Criscione-Naylor

Program Chair of Esports Management; Associate Professor of Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management Studies,  
609-992-4714 | AC-224T
Demetrios Roubos

Demetrios Roubos

Information Security Officer, Esports Management Adjunct, Esports Student Club Manager
609-626-6804 | E-012A
Tara E. Marsh

Tara E. Marsh

Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management Studies and Esports Management Internship Coordinator
609-626-3646 | H-118

Advisory Board & Esports Professional Associations


Chris Aviles

Chris Aviles

Founder & President; Garden State Esports
David Bruno

David Bruno

Associate Dean, Educational Programming and External Relations; Camden County College
Regina Schaffer Carr

Regina Schaffer Carr

Vice President; Garden State Esports
Anthony Gaud

Anthony Gaud

CEO & Co-Founder; G3 Esports, LLC
Dino Hall

Dino Hall

Owner, DOT.GG Productions; Emmy® Award Nominated Technical Broadcast Producer 
James Hammerstedt

James Hammerstedt

Vice President of Operations & People for GaudHammer Gaming
Scott Huston

Scott Huston

Vice President for Information Technology Services & Chief Information Officer; Stockton University
Joshua Kell

Joshua Kell

CEO; Horizon AVL System Integration & Esports Integration
Leonie Leonard

Leonie Leonard

Account/Partnership Manager; the*gameHERs
Daniel Lichtman

Daniel Lichtman

Assistant Professor, Digital Studies - Visiting; Stockton University
Joe'l Ludovich

Joe'l Ludovich

Associate Professor of Communication Studies; Stockton University
Toby Rosenthal

Toby Rosenthal

Teaching Specialist, Communication Studies; Stockton University
Demetrios Roubos, M.S., CISSP

Demetrios Roubos, M.S., CISSP

Information Security Officer, Adjunct Faculty, Computer Science & Esports; Stockton University
Fabio Sadiku

Fabio Sadiku

Sales Lead; LANFest
Michele Togashi

Michele Togashi

Assistant Professor; Business & Esports Gaming; Atlantic Cape Community College
Megan Van Petten

Megan Van Petten

Founder; Esports Trade Association 
Andrew Weilgus

Andrew Weilgus

Executive Director of the Esports Innovation Center; Stockton University - Atlantic City NJ / Co-Founder Atlantic City

Esports Professional Associations

Several professional associations related to Esports are shaping curricular standards. Additionally, the BS in Esports Management faculty and staff are highly engaged and active within these pivotal associations to not only influence the development of curriculum standards but to continuously evaluate standards based on industry development and workforce needs. Below is a non-exhaustive list of associations and boards:

Esports Trade Association (ESTA)

Esports trade association logoESTA is the premier association in the United States for Esports. Per their charter, “ESTA promotes, protects, and advances the broader interests of the esports community through providing forward-thinking professional development programs, networking opportunities, relevant industry research, and valuable tools and resources to the membership. ESTA focuses on promoting business expertise and sustainable growth of the esports industry by increasing the number of participants, sponsors, products, and services, procuring industry research, and executing industry events.” ESTA hosts an annual conference called EsportsNext in Chicago, Illinois.

Network of Academics and Scholastic Esports Federations (NASEF)

NASEF association logoNASEF provides opportunities for all students to use Esports to develop STEAM-based skills and social-emotional attributes such as communication, collaboration, and problem-solving abilities needed to thrive in work and life. Orange County Department of Education (OCDE), in partnership with the Network of Academics and Scholastic Esports Federations (NASEF) partnered with several middle school administrators and educators from Orange County, California, to craft 9-week quarter modules of integrated programs of study, focusing on Esports as a means of facilitating transference of concepts and skills that incorporate CA CCSS, NGSS, ISTE and SEL standards that are appropriate for the target student demographic.

National Esports Association

NEA association logoThe National Esports Association guides school districts, colleges, and corporations through learning outcomes, including making traditional education more relevant by gamifying classrooms and crafting curriculum and experiential learning for our digitized youth and workforce.


Garden State Esports (GSE)

NASEF association logoThe GSE is a regional league and association that promotes North American Scholastic Esports Federation curriculum. As per their mission, they are a nonprofit founded by educators, Garden State Esports is the organizing body of scholastic Esports for New Jersey. Furthermore, their mission is to create high-quality, student-centered experiences through scholastic Esports so all students can use Esports as a platform to grow socially, emotionally, and academically. Stockton has partnered with GSE and will host their annual Spring tournament.


NASEF association logo

National Federation of State High School Associations

The National Federation of State High School Associationsprovides guidance and curriculum related to Esports.