To quality, you must:

  • Be a declared Business Major (any concentration-ACCT, FINA, MGMT, MKTG) OR a declared Computer Science & Information Systems Major (any concentration)
  • Have at least 64 credits and a 2.5 GPA or above.


An internship is more than a “job”.  As an intern, you’ll be working for an employer or an agency outside of the academic setting in a carefully designed learning experience. You will interact with a supervisor at your internship site and a Stockton Business School faculty member. An internship will provide you with a realistic exposure to career opportunities and help you apply your coursework in a business setting. It may lead to early entry into a potential career and will give you “real work” experience for your resume.  Internships last a full semester (15 weeks) and appear on your schedule as a 4950/5950 course (e.g. MGMT 4950/5950, etc.). Internships can be up to 4 credits and count as a program elective towards your major.  Here’s how to get started:

  • Register in our on-line career and internship database - StocktonWorks: Follow the link 
  • Select “Business” as a major and area of study.
  • Write, polish, (and then post) your resume. Career Center approval is required of full access to post and apply for internships.
  • Take advantage of one-on-one help through the Career Center located in the Campus Center, CC-104.
  • Please note you cannot register yourself for the internship class. You will need permission of the department to be registered into the internship course.  You will not be registered into the course until you have submitted ALL of your paperwork


  • Visit the Career Center located in Campus Center, CC-104 for information on resume writing or interviewing tips. You may also contact the School of Business for specific internship information.
  • Internship listings can be viewed on Stockton Works.
  • To turn in paperwork or for any additional questions, visit the Business School Office in H-118 and speak to Donna Hauer or any other staff member (or call 609-652-4534).
  • Career News/Internships/Job Opportunities


Create an account on - Your link to employment, internships and alumni mentors. Over 100 business internships currently posted. - Start searching today!


I’ve never written a resume. I don’t know how to look for a job. Can I still do an internship?

Absolutely, in fact that’s exactly who needs an internship the most. Register in StocktonWorks and look at the resources there. Then (after you’ve done the first steps) make an appointment at the Career Center where you will create or polish your resume. Ask your preceptor or a staff member at the School of Business for advice. We’re here to help! 

 I have a job so that’s my internship, right?

No, just having a job doesn’t make it an internship. An internship involves a work experience learning something new. But if you and your work supervisor can come to an agreement about an extra project or a new assignment, you may well be able to turn that experience into an internship. You still need to register for StocktonWorks, even if you already think you have an internship site. (In that case, you don’t have to make yourself visible to anyone but the Stockton folks who use StocktonWorks to keep track of you). Your employer will also have to register themselves in StocktonWorks and post the internship opportunity so that you can apply for it. 

How much time do I have to work at my business internship?

For a 4-credit internship, you have to work 152 hours total (or approximately 10 hours a week for 15 weeks). If you need less credits, you can work less hours (1 credit = 38 total hours, 2 credits = 76 total hours). 

Is an internship a class?

Yes and no. You will register for an internship class (ACCT 4950, FINA 4950, MGMT 4950, or MKTG 4950). All of these sections have one instructor. It will appear on your transcript like a class, you get a letter grade for a 4-credit class and it counts as one of your business electives. You will have assignments, and write a final paper. However, you will only meet as a class a few times and via Blackboard, and most of the work for this experience happens at your internship. If you're doing a CSIS internship, then you're internship is not part of a class. It's considered an individual internship (CSIS 4900/5900). Individual internships also get a letter grade and appear on your schedule and transcript as long as you follow the appropriate process. Non-credit internships appear on your schedule and transcript. 

Where have other business students done internships?

Both the Business School and the Career Center keep a list of sites where our students have completed internships. Recent internships sites include: Capaldi, Reynolds & Pelosi, Harrah's Casino, Cape Resorts Group/The Chelsea Hotel, Nelson& Merves CPA's, Jersey Shore Federal Credit Union, Scottrade, Ciccone & Associates, The Noyes Museum, Federal
Aviation Administration, UBS Financial, Caesars Entertainment, Comcast Spectator, AtlantiCare, Revel Entertainment, and CBS Television Studios to name a few. 

Hey, it’s the first day of class, I just realized I need 4 more credits --- can I sign up for an internship now?

NO. An internship engagement needs to be in place prior to the start of the internship. Faculty Advisors will help you through it but finding and setting up an internship is a process and it takes time. Ideally, you’ll start setting up an internship during pre-registration the semester before you do the internship. If you didn’t start then, there is hope for you but you must start the process at least a month before the semester starts.


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