Program Coordinators

Program Coordinators supervise the execution of the program and ensure faculty members have everything they need to complete their courses. The program coordinator position is held by a faculty member for two years. In July at the end of their second year, a new coordinator is assigned. If you have questions about your major, please email your program coordinator.

Undergraduate Programs


Africana Studies Program 

Program Coordinator

Donnetrice Allison

Donnetrice Allison, Professor of Africana Studies and Communication Studies

609-652-4721 | C-118


Performing Arts Program 

Program Coordinator

 Beverly Vaughn

 Beverly Vaughn, Professor of Music

 609-652-4264 |  L-108


Visual Arts Program 

 Program Coordinator 

Hannah C. Ueno

Hannah C. Ueno, Professor of Art

609-652-4215 | AS-236


Communication Studies Program 

Program Coordinator 

Joe'l Ludovich

Joe'l Ludovich, Associate Professor of Communication Studies

609-626-3474 | K-111


Historical Studies Program

Program Coordinator 

Michael Hayse

Michael Hayse, Associate Professor of History and Holocaust and Genocide Studies

609-652-4659 | F-125


Languages and Culture Studies Program 

Program Coordinator 

Katherine Panagakos

Katherine Panagakos, Assistant Professor of Classics; AFGLC Professor of Greek Culture

609-652-4618 | H-250


Literature Program 

Program Coordinator 

Adam Miyashiro

Adam Miyashiro, Associate Professor of Literature

609-626-6020 | F-213a


Philosphy and Religion Program

Program Coordinator 

Edward Siecienski

Edward Siecienski, Associate Professor of Religion 

609-626-6859 |  K-122


Graduate Programs


4 + 1 Dual Degree in Literature (B.A.) and American Studies (M.A.) Coordinator

Kristin Jacobson

Kristin Jacobson, Professor of Literature

 609-626-5581 |  F-243


American Studies Program 

Program Coordinator 

John O'Hara

John O'Hara, Associate Professor of Critical Thinking & First - Year Studies

609-761-1254 | AC-224d