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Within the Historical Studies program you can pursue a B.A. degree in Historical Studies or in K-12 or Secondary Education History Certification. A minor in Historical Studies is also available.

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Top Five Reasons to Study Historical Studies at Stockton

  1. Creativity & Innovation
    Pursue your passion. Are you a history buff? Do you watch the History Channel? Are you fascinated by the Civil War or the Holocaust? Do you like to travel and explore the U.S. and other countries? Would you love to teach, to work in museums and historic sites? As a Stockton History major, you can do all of these things and even get course credit for them.
  2. Critical Thinking, Global Awareness
    Understand your past while preparing for your present. History deals with real people and events. It offers a boundless variety for selecting favorite topics and pursuing personal interests because everything has a history—nations, wars, ethnic groups, sexuality, jazz, gambling, even food. And historical knowledge is powerful currency for the twenty-first century because you increase your cultural literacy and sensitivity when you consider multiple points of view and changing global contexts.
  3. Information Literacy & Research Skills, Adapting to Change, Communication Skills
    Carry out undergraduate research tailored to your unique interests. Many employers are looking for evidence that students did more with their college years than just sit in courses. Stockton History majors learn to read critically, write clearly and persuasively, and do independent research in archives in South Jersey and beyond. These skills are attractive in a wide range of fields, and History majors go on to careers in education, public history, law, business, medicine, government, and not-for-profits—all of which value the ability to research, write, and think creatively and persuasively.
  4. Global Awareness
    Explore study abroad and internship opportunities for credit. Stockton History majors have the opportunity to study abroad around the world. They can apply to The Washington Center to spend a summer or semester working in the government agency or not-for-profit of their choice.
  5. Program Competence
    Interested in attending graduate school? At Stockton, History majors can apply to the Master of Arts in American Studies or in Holocaust & Genocide Studies. They can choose a second major in Education. Qualified students can start taking graduate courses in their senior year—and those graduate course credits can transfer to graduate programs elsewhere in the state.

Special Opportunities

Students in Historical Studies can explore their own interests in a wide range of fields such as American/Atlantic World, European, Mediterranean, Southeast Asian, and Ancient Near Eastern history. In addition to coursework for the major, students may
Intern with historical societies, libraries, and art museums
• Become certified to teach social studies in secondary schools
• Study abroad
• Participate in travel with the History Club
• Participate in conferences, such as those sponsored by Phi Alpha Theta, the
national honor society, and by the McNeil Center for Early American Studies
at the University of Pennsylvania


BA/MA and BA/MAT Degree

Qualified Historical Studies majors are eligible for automatic admission into the MA or Certificate in American Studies at Stockton, the MA and MAT degree programs in the Federated History Department of Rutgers, Newark/NJIT, and the MA degree program in History at Rutgers, Camden.




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