Academic Programs

Studies in the Arts

Performing Arts

Encompasses the disciplines of Dance, Music, and Theatre. The primary goals are to provide depth of knowledge, skills development, technique, theory and performance in an environment where the practical application of Performing Arts principles is developed and reinforced.

Visual Arts

Encompasses the required work in the studio disciplines and art history. This curriculum provides the student with the foundation and advanced skills necessary for a career in the arts, graduate study, and preparation for a broad range of general career paths.

Studies in the Humanities

Africana Studies

The Africana Studies program provides the opportunity for students to study, analyze and systematically evaluate the various disciplines, e.g., history, art and science, from an Africana perspective.

Communication Studies

Explores a wide range of interests in contemporary global and popular culture, including radio and television, advertising and public relations, digital communication, film and cinema, visual communication, international communication and more.

Historical Studies

Offers courses that acquaint students with the various methods of historical study, provides them with a broad understanding of the major themes of human history, and gives them the opportunity to propose and implement their own research projects.

Languages and Culture Studies

Students in the program will study linguistic structures, develop audio-lingual and writing ability, become familiar with literary texts, develop analytical abilities, and gain an appreciation of cultures and traditions different from their own. 


Is at once skills- based, emphasizing critical thinking and writing, and committed to the interdisciplinary study of literature as a serious intellectual pursuit. The program also stresses new media research and digital media production and offers students opportunities to participate in faculty-led digital scholarship. 

Philosophy and Religion

Fosters skills of textual analysis, argumentation, critical thinking, historical consciousness, writing and conceptual synthesis. The program also offers a Legal Studies Concentration, and a concentration for majors interested in graduate work in philosophy.

Graduate Programs

Masters of American Studies

Crosses disciplinary and professional boundaries in an effort to explore the multiple cultures that comprise the United States within both regional and global contexts. Candidates could seek careers – or enrich their careers – in public relations, education, law, market research, journalism, government, museums, auction houses, libraries, and nonprofit work. 

Dual Degree Programs

Dual Degree in Literature and American Studies

This intensive academic program of study includes all of the courses within the Literary Studies concentration Literature major as well as all of the courses required in the Master of Arts in American Studies program.