Dual Degree in Literature and American Studies

Dual Degree Program in Literature and American Studies

The undergraduate Literature Program at Stockton offers an accelerated dual-degree program that allows Literature majors to earn a B.A. in Literature and M.A. in American Studies in five years.

This intensive academic program of study includes all of the courses within the Literary Studies concentration Literature major as well as all of the courses required in the Master of Arts in American Studies program. 

Literature majors interested in applying for the Literature/American Studies Dual Degree Program should initially enroll in the Literary Studies concentration in the Literature major and then apply to the Dual Degree Program once they meet the eligibility requirements.

Why choose the Accelerated Dual-Degree Program?

Benefits of the Accelerated Dual-Degree Program include:

  • Accelerated path to a Master's degree: students typically take two years after their undergraduate degree to complete a Master's degree. The dual degree saves time.
  • Affordable humanities Master's degree: dual-degree students save up to one year of graduate tuition. Saving time also means saving money.
  • Dual-degree program with diverse workforce applications: dual-degree students gain valuable interdisciplinary content knowledge, highly desirable critical thinking, writing and communication skills, and have the opportunity to complete credit-bearing internships that translate that knowledge and skill into a range of workplace settings.
  • Additional job opportunities after graduation: dual-degree graduates may apply to jobs that require a B. A. or an M.A. Starting salaries for employees with an M.A. are often higher than those with a B.A.

Additional Information:


How to apply?

First Year and Transfer Students

Students may apply to the dual degree program upon admission to the University, as first-year or transfer students. Transfer students with over 96 transfer credits should use the "direct entry" application for the M.A. in American Studies.

Current Students

Current students interested in applying for the Literature/American Studies Dual-Degree program should initially enroll in the Literary Studies concentration in the Literature major and then apply to the Dual-Degree Program once they meet the eligibility requirements.

Eligibility Requirements for Currently Enrolled Students:

  • Minimum of 96 credits
  • Minimum of 20 credits in LITT courses
  • Minimum 3.2 GPA in the Literature major
  • Grade C or better in LITT 2114 and LITT 2123

To apply for enrollment in the Dual-Degree Program in Literature and American Studies, current students should contact a Literature preceptor or the Chair of the Literature program. 


Maintaining Enrollment

Like its curriculum, the Dual-Degree Literature (B.A.) and American Studies (M.A.) requirements reflect the program’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Students admitted under this option must follow the Criteria to Maintain Accepted Status requirements.

Criteria to Maintain Accepted Status:

To maintain enrollment students must have a 3.2 program G.P.A. and earn at least a C in two courses, LITT 2114 “Literary Interpretation” and LITT 2123 “Introduction to Literary Research.” Students that fail to maintain any of the requirements will be put on probation for one semester. Reinstatement or mandatory withdrawal from the dual-degree program will occur after all final grades for the probationary term have been submitted.

Students removed from the program after probation may reapply for the dual-degree program once the following criterion are met:

  • A minimum of 96 credits earned
  • A minimum of 20 credits earned in the Literature program
  • A 3.2 GPA in Literature
  • Grade of C or better in LITT 2114 and LITT 2123.

A minimum grade of C or better is required for all program and cognate courses counted toward the 64 program and cognate credits required for baccalaureate graduation.

A minimum grade of B– is required for all graduate courses counted toward the Master’s in American Studies degree.

Student may also be eligible to apply for regular admission to the American Studies M.A. program following completion of a baccalaureate degree.


Students' Literature preceptors will keep tabs on student progress, advise students about classes, assist with the enrollment in graduate courses as an undergraduate, and meet with students every semester during precepting to make sure all requirements are met and that students are making good progress in the degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there special fees for undergraduate dual-degree students?

Yes, dual-degree students must play a surcharge on all graduate credits. As long as the undergraduate student is enrolled for 12-20 credits, then flat rate tuition will be applied plus an additional graduate course surcharge based on the number of graduate credits being attempted. The current surcharge is a $100 per credit (or $300 per course).

Do dual-degree students need to apply to the American Studies M.A. program?

The American Studies Chair provides dual-degree students with a special link to enroll in the M.A. program during their last undergraduate semester. Students earn their M.A. degree at the end of their fifth academic year after completion of all graduate coursework and other graduation requirements. Students should complete all of their General Studies and At Some Distance courses by the end of their fourth year. Students will earn their B.A. degree at the end of their fourth year (graduate courses taken in the fourth year will count toward both undergraduate and graduate degrees).

Can I earn graduate credit for my undergraduate senior seminar thesis?

Yes. In addition to the three graduate courses taken as an undergraduate (AMST 5000 Proseminar, AMST 5001 Research Methods, AMST 5XXX Elective), students who write an exemplary undergraduate thesis at Stockton can acquire up to three graduate credits following evaluation of the thesis by a faculty committee. The committee will evaluate the thesis for graduate credit based on its presentation of a complex scholarly argument grounded in analysis of archival/primary sources and situated within a broader understanding of the field.

To apply for this credit, at the time of enrollment to the M.A. program, submit three hard copies of your thesis to the MAAS Director along with documentation that you received an A on your thesis. This credit would count for three of a possible nine credits that, subject to the approval of the MAAS Director, may be earned outside of Stockton's American Studies program.