School of Arts & Humanities

At the center of a liberal arts education, the School of Arts and Humanities allows students to explore their creativity, further their critical and objective thought, and expand their view of the world.

We offer innovative programs in each of our eight undergraduate areas of study: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Africana Studies, Communication Studies, Historical Studies, Languages and Culture Studies, Literature, and Philosophy & Religion, and also our graduate program in American Studies and our dual degree program in Literature & American Studies. The study of the arts and humanities builds communication and problem-solving skills, better preparing students for careers in innovative environments.


Stockton University’s Regional Arts & Culture Summit

View highlights from the Regional Arts & Culture Summit, hosted by Stockton on April 8, 2024.

This event brought together artists, educators, and community leaders from throughout Southern New Jersey to engage in meaningful discussions and foster greater collaborations to enrich our region’s vibrant arts and culture landscape.

Event Highlights

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The School of Arts & Humanities offers a wide range of cultural and academic programming.

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