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Coming Fall 2024 - Upper & Lower Gallery Exhibition
Shortest, Fastest, Loudest: The Art of South Jersey & Philadelphia Punk
More gallery wall images from Ara Oshagan: Disrupted, Border
Philadelphia Punk Show
Gallery display of Ara Oshagan, Disrupted, Border

The Stockton University Art Gallery provides students, staff, faculty, area schools, artists, and the community-at-large with an opportunity to experience contemporary and historical art exhibitions and related programming of the highest quality.

Free & open to the public daily during exhibitions:
Monday - Thursday 12 - 7pm
Friday - Sunday 11 - 3pm
The gallery will be closed for Spring Break
from March 9th through March 17th.

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Gallery Location:
L-wing of the Galloway Campus, adjacent to the Performing Arts Center 1st & 2nd floors.

Closest lots are 5 through 7. Parking E-passes are required on weekdays before 3 p.m.


Spring 2024 Events

We Are the River: Complex Narratives, Conservation & Committing to New Jersey's Waterways

Curated By Ryann Casey & Allie Wilson
January 16 – April 7, 2024
Lower Gallery

Artist Panel & Reception - Monday February 5 @11:30am

Featuring work by Nancy Agati, Milcah Bassel, Michael Chovan-Dalton, Nancy Cohen, Joanie Gagnon San Chirico, Tyrese "Bright Flower" Gould Jacinto, Steve Kuzma, Lauren Rosenthal McManus, Jean Shin, Rebecca Schultz, Brandon Seidler, Lawre Stone, Amanda Thackray, Rachel Blythe Udell, Michael Williamson & Cheryl Patton Wu.

Dwell & Dusk: The Incredible in the Mundane

Elizabeth Gerdeman & Michael Hahn
January 16 – April 7, 2024
Upper Gallery

Elizabeth Gerdeman's Viewfinders Workshop - Wednesday February 28 @Noon

Based on an ongoing series of photographic work by the artist, this workshop will engage with the immediate surroundings through color, site-specificity, and paper cutouts acting as viewfinders that sharpen perspectives and direct attention to the environment using art as a framing device. Photographs created in the workshop will be installed in the upper gallery for the artist tour in March.

Artist Tour & Reception - Tuesday March 5 @11:30am

Al Gold Memorial Lecture Series & Reception

Tuesday, March 19th @2:30pm
Campus Center Theatre

Julie McGee (Associate Professor of Africana Studies & Art History at the University of Delaware) will be presenting Whitfield Lovell: Deep River with opening remarks from Ian Marshall, Dean of Arts & Humanities, and Wendel A. White, Distinguished Professor of Art, and an introduction on African American Portraiture in Atlantic City by Vicki Gold Levi, Picture Editor and Author.

BFA Senior Visual Art Exhibition

April 21 – April 28, 2024
Upper & Lower Galleries
Meet the Artists Reception- Sunday April 21 @1pm

Fall 2024 Events

Indigenous Approaches, Sustainable Futures

September 5 – November 10, 2024
Upper & Lower Art Galleries

BFA Senior Visual Art Exhibition

December 1 – December 8, 2024
Upper & Lower Galleries