Computer Lab Access

Valid Student IDs

Computer Labs are available to all students, faculty and staff who have valid Stockton IDs. Active members of the Alumni Association are permitted to use the General Purpose, Non-teaching labs only. Alumni must possess and present a valid Stockton University Alumni Association Identification Card upon request.

Logging onto Computers

Computer Services requires faculty, staff and students to authenticate using their Go Stockton Portal User ID and Password to access the workstations and online resources.

Students are allocated 1GB of centralized disk storage space that are accessible to them via their My Documents folder on the desktop from any computer lab or the library.  This is a more secure and reliable alternative to portable storage devices.  Students and faculty will also continue to have access to the shared Scratch drive.

To ensure the security of accounts, all users will be logged off of the machine after an inactivity period of 10 minutes.  There will be a warning and countdown to logout that can be canceled by the user.

Computer Labs

Types of Computer Labs

Lab Applications

Lab Applications

Lab Assistants

The Office of Information Technology Services provides support and training to students, faculty and staff in the use of computing facilities and additionally, supports faculty efforts to infuse technology into the curriculum. Computer Labs, under the supervision of the Office of Information Technology Services, are staffed by Lab Assistants who help maintain hardware and software and provide technical assistance to users. Select the Lab Assistants icon for more information

Computer Lab Assistant

Lab Assistants

Printing Points

Printers are available in the computer labs and the gallery computers. Stockton users can also print on campus to selected printers from their own laptops through or their mobile devices (click here for instructions) Each semester students are allotted a print quota (see below) for black and white printing (Deposits for B&W printing are made at the beginning of the semester and are based on enrollment status.) Additionally, students get a one‐time print quota of 20 pages for color printing their first semester (Color printing quota does not reset every semester). Active students can add additional color points to their account by visiting from a lab computer. Color printing is available in D002, F210 and the Library.

Faculty members receive 50 B&W printing points (non-cumulative) per day. Select the Printing Points icon for more information

Printing Points

Printing Points

Requesting a Computer Lab (Faculty & Staff only)

Computer labs can be reserved by any faculty or staff of Stockton University wishing to use the facilities for computer demonstrations. In order to accommodate the maximum number of requests we ask that individuals reserving the labs adhere to the Guidelines for the Reservation of Academic Computer Labs. Select the Requesting a Computer Lab icon for more information

Lab Request Form

Requesting a Computer Lab