On-Campus Printing

Printers are available in the computer labs and the gallery computers for Stockton students to use. Stockton students can also print on campus to selected printers from their own laptops or mobile device through https://papercut.stockton.edu/user.

Upon enrollment students are allotted a one-time $50.00 credit for printing. This credit can be applied to any type of print - black & white, color, and art. Per-page rates for different print types are described below. Faculty members receive a one-time allocation for adhoc printing while in the classroom. Faculty members who need regular access to printers should consult with their division on how to obtain printer resources for their pedagogical needs. 

Active students can purchase additional print credits by visiting https://papercut.stockton.edu/user. There are no refunds given for printer credit purchases. If you had a job print improperly or was damaged please contact the ITS Help Desk at 609-652-4309 to request assistance with recovering your expended printer points.

Color printing is available in D002, F210, the Library, and the AC Residential Lab. The Library Learning Commons Room and Campus Center 2nd Floor Kiosks Printers use a Print Release Station which is located next to the printers. When a document is printed in those locations, you must go to the Print Release Station to complete your print job. The addition of the print release station is intended to reduce waste from abandoned printouts and to increase the privacy for students who are printing sensitive material. Click below for instructions on how to operate the Print Release Stations.

Per-page Print Rates

  • Black & White - $0.011
  • Color - $0.05
  • Art - $1.00 per tabloid or $1.33 per square foot

1. After clicking on Print, go to the Print Release Station, located next to the printers.

2. Log in using your GoPortal credentials or swipe your Student ID to access your prints to be released.

3. From here, release your print job(s) and they should print immediately.

Alternatively, you can release prints remotely through the Papercut interface. To do so, navigate to https://papercut.stockton.edu/user and click on the "Jobs Pending Release" tab. From there, you can click on the "print" button to release individual jobs for immediate printing.

a screenshot of the papercut interface within the jobs pending release tab, a cursor is shown over the "print" button on a print job waiting to be released

For assistance refer to the Library Reference Desk or the ITS Help Desk located in D121 or at 609-652-4309

Students can use their printing funds to print to selected Stockton printers from their own laptops or mobile devices. Please note that this service is only available on campus while connected to the University WiFi networks. Follow the instructions below to get started.

Printing to a campus printer from your mobile device has never been easier! Visit our installer page (qr code below) and follow the short and simple setup instructions to add any printer directly to your device. Mobility Print is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Android and IOS

qr code that links to the mobility installer page

  1. Go to https://papercut.stockton.edu/user

  2. Authenticate with your GoStockton username and password

  3. From Web Print, click on "Submit a Job".
    a screenshot of the papercut interface, with a cursor pointing to the Submit a Job button
  4. Select a printer from the list of available printers. Alongside each printer name you can also see its location on campus. After selecting a printer, click on "Print Options and Account Selection".
    a screenshot of the papercut interface, with a cursor pointing to the radio button next to a printer that may be selected for web print
  5. Designate how many copies of the document you would like to print, then click on "Upload Documents"

  6. Next, upload a file to send to the printer. Supported file types are notes on this screen, e.g. Microsoft Office documents, PDF files, and image files.
    a screenshot of the papercut interface, showing cursors pointing towards the Upload from Computer button and the Upload and Complete button
  7. When ready, click onUpload and Complete

Printing stations are marked with this sign:

Printing Stations Poster


AC Academic Floor 2 Kiosk Second floor on the AC Academic Building
AC Residential Floor 1 Kiosk First floor on the AC Residential Building
AC Residential Lab Printer Second floor on the AC Residential Building
A-Wing Kiosk Printer Next to Alton Auditorium
Campus Center Front Kiosk Printer Next to Financial Aid (CC201)
Campus Center Rear Kiosk Printer Next to the Office of the Registrar (CC203)
Chris Gaupp Printer Inside the residential building on the first floor
D wing Kiosk Outside of the D wing labs 
ETTC 128 Printer Outside of ETTC 128
E-Wing Kiosk Printer Next to the E-Wing Gallery entrance
Health Science Printer Second floor of HSC by the stairs
H-wing Kiosk Printer outside of H-Wing, first floor
K-wing Kiosk Printer outside of K-Wing, first floor
Kramer Hall Kiosk Printer Kramer Hall Site, first floor
Lakeside Lodge Printer Lakeside Computer Lab
Library B/W Printer Library, first floor
Library Color Printer Library, first floor
Manahawkin Health Printer Manahawkin Instructional Site
Manahawkin Main Printer Manahawkin Instructional Site
TRLC Printer TRLC Computer Lab
USC Kiosk Printer Unified Science Center, second floor
West Quad Kiosk Printer West Quad, first floor

The AS-203 and AS-234 Art Labs contain black and white, color, and large format printers. These printers are only for Art student use and will only accept print jobs from authorized accounts. 

Art Print refunds are issued if the print job is damaged or of an unacceptable quality. To receive an Art Print refund please return your printed document to the ITS Help Desk in D121 and the print cost will be refunded to your account.

Below is some additional information to remember when printing to a computer lab printer.

  • University printers by default print on both sides of each piece of paper.
  • A document that prints on a single side of a piece of paper counts as 1 page.
  • A document that prints on both sides of a piece of paper counts as 2 pages.
  • Black and White documents that print to color printers still count against your color printing points quota.
  • Blank pages printed will cost the same as a normal page from whichever type of printer is in use.