University Restart Operations Committee

student walking on campus

Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of faculty, staff and students, Stockton successfully completed an unprecedented spring semester. The University is now preparing for the Fall 2020 semester using a deliberate and thoughtful approach to examine our options to provide a safe educational and operational experience for everyone. Our goal is to welcome students back on campus for the fall 2020 semester, following federal and state COVID-19 guidelines to ensure the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff.

Updates on Stockton's plan for the fall 2020 return to campus can be found here.

Planning for Fall 2020

Stockton’s University Restart Operations Committee (UROC) is an institution-level team whose mission is to research, analyze, prepare and recommend a set of operating principles to guide the University’s launch of the Fall 2020 semester – in compliance with all necessary local, state and federal health, safety  and education guidelines.

UROC Teams

  • Don Hudson, Vice President for Facilities and Operations (co-chair)
  • Peter Baratta, Chief Planning Officer (co-chair)
  • John Fritsch, Assistant Vice President for Facilities and Operations
  • Scott Huston, Chief Information Officer
  • Dr. Marissa Levy, Dean, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Brittany Medio, Associate General Counsel
  • Dan Nugent, Chief Development Officer
  • Marcie Pallante, Program Assistant, Facilities and Operations (admin support)
  • Geoff Pettifer, Executive Director, University Relations and Marketing
  • Dr. Margaret (Peg) Slusser, Dean of the School of Health Sciences
  • Craig Stambaugh, Assistant Vice President, Engagement and Community Development
  • Adrian Wiggins, Director of Campus Public Safety
  • Dr. Tina Zappile, Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Michael Angulo, Vice President for Personnel, Labor & Government Relations
  • Katharine Campion, Student Senate President

Focus on academic support and resources; course modalities (face-to-face, online, hybrid); meeting spaces; assembly spaces; training and support needs.

  • Marissa Levy, School of SOBL (Lead)
  • Joe D’Agostino, Univ Relations & Marketing
  • Lisa Calamidas, School of HLTH
  • Lisa Honaker, School of ARHU
  • Scott Huston, Information Technology Serv.
  • Brian Jackson, Atlantic City Operations
  • Jessica Kay, Planning (admin support)
  • Kathy Klein, Center for Learning Design
  • Rhianon Lepree, Facilities & Operations
  • Joe LoSasso, Registrar
  • Thushani Rodrigo-Peiris, School of NAMS
  • Rahmaan Simpkins, Human Resources
  • John Smith, Academic Affairs
  • Chelsea Tracy-Bronson, School of EDUC
  • Patty Weeks, SRI/ETTC

Focus centers on space plans for offices and academics; parking and transportation; documenting guidance from jurisdictional agencies including OSHA, CDC, etc.

  • John Fritsch, Facilities & Operations (Lead)
  • Chris Corea, Risk Management
  • Sara Faurot, Alumni Relations
  • Judy Ferriero, Plant Mgmt (admin support)
  • Cindy Gove, Facilities & Operations
  • Laurie Griscom, Event Services
  • Kristen Hallock-Waters, School of NAMS
  • Chris Howard, Administration & Finance
  • Rhianon Lepree, Facilities & Operations
  • Alex Marino, Atlantic City Operations
  • Kevin McHugh, Athletics
  • Kristen Mittleman, Health Services/Wellness
  • Brian Pluchino, Residential Life
  • John Smith, Academic Affairs
  • Ryan Terrell, Enrollment Management
  • Eileen Tizol, Univ Relations & Marketing
  • Ramya Vijaya, School of SOBL
  • Skip West, Facilities & Operations

Focus on best practices in testing, tracing and quarantine procedures; gather guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, Office of Emergency Management and other relevant agencies.

  • Adrian Wiggins, Campus Safety (Lead)
  • Amber Berry, Risk Management
  • Tara Crowell, School of HLTH
  • Diane D’Amico, Univ Relations & Marketing
  • Stephen Davis, Student Affairs
  • Lawrence Fox, Human Resources
  • Cindy Gove, Facilities & Operations
  • Benedict Ezeoke, Wellness
  • Jon Heck, Athletics
  • Brittany Medio, General Counsel
  • Bart Musitano, Human Resources
  • Brandy Rapatski, School of NAMS
  • Thushani Rodrigo-Peiris, School of NAMS
  • Tom Scardino, Campus Safety
  • Rahmaan Simpkins, Human Resources
  • Peg Slusser, School of Health Sciences
  • Nicole Suprun, Planning (admin support)
  • Ryan Terrell, Enrollment Management

Focus on student wellness and counseling; residential life;  student experiences including Welcome Week, first-year experiences and clubs and organizations.

  • Craig Stambaugh, Student Affairs (Lead)
  • Claire Abernathy, School of SOBL
  • Haley Baum, Student Affairs – Atlantic City
  • Stacey Clapp, Univ Relations & Marketing
  • Bob Haviland, Facilities & Operations
  • Chris Howard, Administration & Finance
  • Laura Hughes, Student Aff (admin support)
  • Brian Jackson, Atlantic City Operations
  • Heather Medina, Enrollment Management
  • Kristen Mittleman, Health Services/Wellness
  • Steve Radwanski, Residential Life
  • Larider Ruffin, School of HLTH
  • Tom Scardino, Campus Safety
  • Walt Tarver, Student Affairs
  • Jeffrey Wakemen, Student Development
  • Linda Yost, Athletics
  • Katherine Campion, Student Senate President
  • Jaiden Chavis, Student Senator and Trustee Alternate