Advisory Board on Grades and Standing (Procedure 2006)

The Board shall be composed of one (1) representative from each of the Schools, elected by the faculty of the respective School. Members shall serve two-year terms. Elections will be held in the Spring term and newly elected members shall take office on the first day of the following Fall term. Vacancies of elected members shall be filled for the unexpired term. For a term of two years, one member shall serve as chair, with voting rights, for convened meetings of the Board. Each member of the Board will have full voting and floor rights in the Board meetings. A designee of the Provost shall serve as Secretary to the Board, but will not vote.


Current Members Term Expires
ARHU Beau Hancock 6/30/2024
BUSN Wei-Xuan Li 6/30/2021
EDUC Jung Lee 6/30/2022
GENS Eddie Horan 6/30/2021
HLTH Phillip Hernandez 6/30/2022
NAMS Neil Aaronson 6/30/2021
SOBL Christine Gayda-Chelder 6/30/2022

updated 7/1/22