Campus Committee on Diversity and Inclusive Excellence

The Campus Committee on Diversity and Inclusive Excellence (CCDIE) serves as an advisory body to the President to assist the university in meeting its commitment to campus diversity and inclusive excellence and the continuing transformation from a campus that believes in diversity to a campus that lives its commitment to diversity.  

Policy and Procedure

Current Committee Members

  • Guia Calicdan-Apostle, Associate Professor of Social Work, Co-chair
  • Valerie Hayes, Chief Officer for Diversity and Inclusion, Co-chair
  • Stacey Clapp, Director of Digital Engagement
  • Jennifer Dunkle, Assistant Professor of Social Work
  • Laurie Dutton, Director, Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Center
  • Ike Ejikeme, Stockton Alum
  • Ariane Hutchins-Newman, Assistant Dean, School of Health Sciences
  • Maritza Jauregui, Associate Professor of Sustainability
  • Esther Lawrence, Assistant Dean, School of Business
  • Christopher Lipari Pazienza, Stockton Alum
  • Delores Mozelle-Wright, Education Program Assistant
  • Brian Odhiambo, International Student
  • Seth Richards, Interim Associate Director Student Conduct
  • Julie Shockley, Professional Services Specialist
  • Loukaia Taylor, Professional Services Specialist 
  • Beverly Vaughn, Professor of Music

Subcommittee Descriptions

  1. Campus Climate – This Subcommittee develops, administers and analyzes campus climate surveys.
  2. Diverse Spaces and Places – This subcommittee provides substantive and transformational ideas for current and future renovations and new construction at the university and generate ideas that celebrate the appreciation of the diverse cultures within the university by the artistic transformation areas. 
  3. Diversity Branding and Communication This subcommittee explores best practices of marketing and raising awareness of Stockton’s diversity and inclusion programs and efforts and then implements those practices, where appropriate, in collaboration with University Relations and Marketing.  This subcommittee produces the Celebrate Diversity Digest
  4. Employee Affinity Networks – This subcommittee creates new employee affinity networks until they become self-sufficient with constitution bylaws, officers, and web page.  Where possible, this subcommittee connects the employee affinity networks with student organizations.
  5. Social Justice and Education This subcommittee  organizes programs, panel discussions, and research presentations by collaborating with faculty, students, and others whose academic fields or research interests address issues related to diversity and inclusion, whether national or global in focus.