ADA 504 Act Steering Committee

ADA logosThe Stockton ADA-Rehabilitation Act Steering Committee (“Steering Committee”) is charged with providing ongoing assistance to the Chief Officer/ADA-504 Coordinator in coordinating Stockton’s effort to ensure that its (1) living, learning, and working environments are accessible to persons with disabilities and (2) procedures, practices and plans for addressing disability issues are responsive to the current understanding of the ADA and Rehabilitation Act requirements.

Committee Members

  • Walead Abdrabouh, Director of Information Systems & Business Intelligence
  • Christina Birchler, Director,  Stockton University at Hammonton 
  • Roberto Castillo, Learning Designer & Technology Trainer
  • Michelle Collins-Davies, Director, Stockton University at Manahawkin
  • Joseph D’Agostino, Director of Web Communications
  • Steve Evert, Director of the Marine Field Station
  • John Fritsch, Assistant Vice President for Facilities & Plant Operations
  • Cynthia Gove, Associate Director, Facilities Management & Plant Operations
  • Laurie Griscom, Executive Director, Event Services & Campus Engagement
  • Priti Haria, Associate Professor of Education - Special Education 
  • Donald Hudson, Senior Vice President for Facilities & Operations
  • Kathleen Klein, Executive Director, Center for Teaching & Learning Design
  • Rebecca Mannel, Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy
  • Alexander Marino, Director of Academic Operations, Atlantic City Campus
  • Patricia McConville, Coordinator Student Accessibility and Support Services
  • Bart Musitano, Associate Supervisor 2
  • Marcie Pallante, Executive Assistant for Facilities & Operations
  • Maria Spade, Coordinator of Adaptive Technology Services, Students with Disabilities
  • Ryan Terrell, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management
  • Anthony Thomas, Director of Learning Access Program
  • Patricia Weeks, Director, Southern Regional Institute
  • Charles “Skip” West, Director of Facilities, Planning & Construction
  • Adrian Wiggins, Director of Campus Public Safety
  • Emma Witt, Associate Professor of Environmental Science

Subcommittee Descriptions 

  1. Academic Access – This subcommittee identifies the needs of students with disabilities in Stockton's academic spaces and makes recommendations.
  2. Communication and Training – This subcommittee identifies ways in which the work of the steering committee is publicized to the campus and training on ADA-504 and associated topics are developed and delivered to faculty and staff.
  3. Facilities, Parking and Transportation – This subcommittee identifies accessibility issues associated with facilities, parking, wayfind and transportation.  Their work might interface in appropriate ways with other identified Stockton committees addressing similar issues.
  4. Policy and Procedures -- This subcommittee review and, where appropriate, drafts new and/or revised existing policies, procedures and other documents pertaining to students and employees with disabilities. 
  5. Technology and Purchasing –  This subcommittee identifies accessibility issues related to technology and purchasing, which includes but may not be limited to web pages, E-learning, purchases of accessible academic publishing material.  Their work may interface with the work of existing subcommittees.  

Plans & Reports



Revised: 09.01.21