Academic Honesty Appeals Board (Procedure 2005)

Faculty members representing each of the schools, and two to four students, typically make up the Academic Honesty Appeals Board. Faculty selected to the Academic Honesty Appeals Board by their school adhere to the same term lengths as all other committees on campus.  The selection process for faculty members of the Academic Honesty Appeals Board is conducted in the same manner as the other standing committee elections held by their respective schools.  The student representatives are appointed by the Student Senate and the Graduate Student Council to a term of one year.

Current Members Term Expires
ARHU Caitlin Pittenger 6/30/2023
BUSN Naz Onel 6/30/2023
EDUC Jung Lee 6/30/2024
GENS Eddie Horan 6/30/2023
HLTH Jennifer Calabrese 6/30/2024
NAMS Neil Aaronson 6/30/2022
SOBL Sunny Mathew 6/30/2024
UG Student    
GRAD Student N/A  
Current Alternates Term Expires
ARHU Adalaine Holton 6/30/2024
EDUC Ronald Caro 6/30/2024
GENS Mariam Hussein 6/30/2024
HLTH Regina Green 6/30/2023
NAMS Christine Thompson 6/30/2022
SOBL Robin Hernandez-Mekonnen 6/30/2023
UG Student    
GRAD Student N/A  

updated 6/14/23