MBA Program

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The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program prepares students for professional careers in business. The philosophy of our MBA program is to have the students learn and master today what they will use now and in the future.

We prepare our students to become leaders and decision makers for their organizations in an ever-changing business environment. Our emphasis is on "learning how to learn, and how to think" so as to foster lifelong learning. We strive to provide an environment that leads to imparting the knowledge and skills necessary for application of theoretical and practical knowledge in business. Our primary commitment is to outstanding instruction, with applied research and service to the community and the profession.


Program Coordinator:

Keith Diener  Dr. Keith Diener
  Assistant Professor
  Office: AC-224u
  Phone: 609-761-1272

MBA Learning Goals

Management Specific Knowledge & its Application 

Graduates will understand, be able to apply, and will work toward integrating and evaluating:

  • basic knowledge of management, marketing, information technology, finance, business operations, accounting, business law, and strategic management
  • the unique contributions made by diversity in organizations
  • perspectives and techniques of strategic thinking for managing organizations 

Critical Thinking

Graduates will:

  • evaluate, integrate, and synthesize management information
  • frame organizational problems from a variety of functional and stakeholder perspectives in an integrative and interdisciplinary manner
  • evaluate and select appropriate models, methodologies and technologies for effective problem solving under all conditions
  • think strategically about the organization in a global, economic, environmental, political, ethical, legal and/or regulatory context

Professional Conduct

Graduates will be able to:

  • deliver professional individual and/or team oral and written reports utilizing state of the art technology
  • understand the importance of life-long professional leaning and development 


Curriculum Information


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