A Leader in Equity

Juneteenth March for Justice

A Leader in Equity

Trustees Resolve to Make Stockton Leader in Social Justice Issues

The Stockton University Board of Trustees has unanimously approved a resolution that reinforces its “Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice at Stockton,” and positions the University to be a leader on these issues.

Board chairman Leo Schoffer said at the July 15 meeting that society is confronting two crises, that of the COVID-19 coronavirus and that of social injustice.

“But unlike a virus, there is no vaccine to prevent or medicine to treat (social injustice),” Schoffer said. “That must be addressed through a process of change.”

He said that process includes a recognition of the injustice, education about it and a plan to eradicate it.

“The board believes that Stockton must play its role in this culture shift,” Schoffer said. “We should aspire to be a leader in the community. This is a declaration by the board members of their recognition, intent, and purpose to lead the university in the quest for social change.”

The resolution includes: review and revise curriculum to include coursework on racial injustice and discrimination within  academic programs and general education; foster an inclusive classroom by incorporating and cultivating an awareness of differing backgrounds; apply best practices to recruit and hire candidates that diversify the faculty, staff and leadership; incorporate contributions to equity, diversity and inclusion in reappointment, tenure and promotion practices, in compliance with institutional standards; foster a campus free of racism that allows all persons to thrive; and requests the president consider forming a committee to determine whether a location-based name of the University, consistent with the founder’s original intentions, should be pursued.

Tangible Empathy

The values of diversity, equity, and inclusion are part of Stockton's ongoing commitment to social justice.

Stockton's Culture of Respect initiative debuted in Fall 2018 to promote civility, safety and community for all.

New and reinvigorated organizations - like First Ospreys, togetHER, Los Latinos Unidos and the NAACP - support students of color, first-generation students and students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Stockton's move to test-optional admissions and new criteria for merit scholarships break down barriers that have restricted talented students' access to higher education.

A new position, Director of Strategic Initiatives, was established within the Office of the Provost. Donnetrice Allison, professor of Africana Studies and Communication Studies, has accepted the first one-year appointment. Allison will review and assess areas of University operations to determine how best to incorporate diversity and inclusion and eliminate bias to help dismantle practices that foster the achievement gap historically experienced by students of color.

Learn more about the ways Stockton puts Students First by visiting the Division of Student Affairs.


The Sankofa Retention Initiative is a student retention initiative for minority male students that aims to help students successfully transition into the college environment, provide opportunities for professional and personal development, and encourage engaged citizenship.

Stockton faculty, staff and trained peer mentors provide individualized mentoring.

First Ospreys

First Ospreys is a retention initiative that celebrates, supports and prepares first-generation students to ensure the successful completion of their undergraduate studies.

First Ospreys connects students to existing programs and resources and promotes a sense of belonging within the Stockton community.


SPACES is a promise and a pledge that inclusion is at the core of everything that we do at Stockton University. SPACES celebrates and nurtures a culture of inclusion that respects the humanity of all people. We believe that an inclusive community fosters an understanding and appreciation for diversity among our students, faculty, staff and administrators.