Military & Veterans Resource Team

The Office of Military and Veteran Services developed a Militay/Veterans Resource Team which effectively coordinate services and support for our veteran and active-military students on a campus-wide level. The Veterans Resource Team includes support  from all of the offices that each veteran will have contact with during their time at Stockton.

Jenifer Robin

Jenifer Robin, Office of Financial Aid

 Donna Garrity

 Donna Garrity, Office of Financial Aid

Emma Kluesner

Emma Kluesner, Assistant Director, Academic Affairs

Chris Crowley

Chris Crowley, Office of Student Records and Registration

Dayna DeFiore

Dayna DeFiore, Assistant Director, Career Education & Development

Bob Ross

Bob Ross, Assistant Director, Counseling & Heath Services

Pam Cross

Pam Cross, Coordinator of Skills Center Writing Lab

Thomas Grites

Thomas Grites, Assistant Provost, Academic Support Services

Jayson Resch 

Jayson Resch , Stockton Athletics 

Karen Matsinger

Karen Matsinger, Assistant Director of Counseling Services

Walead Abdrabough

Walead Abdrabough, Director of ITS

Christine Easton

Christine Easton, Complex Director