Military and Veteran Resource Center

Created in October of 2019, Stockton Military and Veteran Resource Center serves as the hub for support assistance to our men in women in uniform. The center is located in F-105, adjacent to independence plaza. The Office of Military and Veteran Services, along with the student lounge, is located within the center.

Office of Militray and Veteran Services

The Mission of Stockton’s Office of Military and Veteran Services (OMVS) is to increase the success of our military-affiliated students by providing exceptional service as we promote personal, academic, and professional learning and development.

The office is committed to providing quality and excellence as we serve as an advocate and resource for service members, veterans, and their families. Our goal is to ensure that every student traverses through the admittance, financial aid, and academic process as smoothly as possible.

Military and Veteran’s Lounge

The Military and Veteran’s Lounge represents a commitment by the university to assist our military-affiliated students through their transition and acclimation to campus life.

The newly furnished lounge serves as a space for study and recreation. Within the lounge you will find computers and printers, a television, a microwave and a refrigerator that are available to all military-affiliated students during class breaks.

The Military and Veteran’s Lounge is a great place to meet other military-affiliated students and discover the many programs and activities offered to our students.

 Office Seal

Display Case

Picture of Lounge