Marine Science Research

The MARS faculty offer expertise across a wide-range of Marine Science-related disciplines. Below offers a quick-peak into their current research. For more detailed information about their faculty websites, research interests, publications and contact information, please see the Faculty tab on the MARS landing page.

Marine Science Students Field Research


Dr. Gordan Grguric

Associate Professor of Marine Science

Seawater aquarium chemistry, redox processes, interstitial water, physical and chemical modeling of closed sea water systems.

Dr. Anna Pfeiffer-Herbert

Associate Professor of Marine Science

Estuarine and coastal oceanography, physical-biological interactions.

Dr. Elizabeth A. Lacey

Associate Professor of Marine Science

Nearshore ecosystems ecology, plant-herbivore dynamics, marine botany, habitat restoration, tropical marine ecology, marine conservation, invertebrate zoology.

Dr. Susanne Moskalski

Associate Professor of Marine Science

Sedimentary and surficial processes in marshes and estuaries. Sediment flux, deposition/erosion rates and patterns, storm effects, human impacts, time series analysis.

Dr. Camilla Alves Souto

Assistant Professor of Marine Science

Systematics, biogeography, macroevolution, and marine invertebrates.

Dr. Mark Sullivan

Professor of Marine Science

Ichthyology, ecology of early stage fishes in estuarine and continental shelf ecosystems, anthropogenic stressors as sources of coastal marine ecosystem variability, cooperative fisheries research.

Dr. Christine Thompson

Associate Professor of Marine Science

Oyster restoration and habitat monitoring, plankton ecology and larval dispersal, image analysis techniques for marine science