MERL LogoOur lab is broadly interested in shallow benthic ecosystems like seagrass beds and the services these habitats provide such as nearshore water quality and commercially and recreationally important species.

In order to understand these ecosystems, we consider plant-herbivore dynamics and the impacts of various stressors on each of the habitat components.  Follow along with us on instagram: @stockton_merl

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What our students say about MERL:

Research experiences such as those in the Marine Ecosystem Research Lab (MERL) are vital to my marine science career because they allow me to open new doors to meeting new people and gain valuable knowledge on coastal marine environments and organisms.

Alex Sellitsch
Class of ‘23, Marine Biology
Getting submerged in Barnegat Bay while monitoring the health of seagrass as a MERL Ranger quite literally made it possible to get immersed in my field of study. The experience is easily one of my fondest memories from my time at Stockton, not to mention the friends I found in my fellow rangers.
Nicole Ertle
BS in Marine Science, concentration Marine Biology, '20

The research experience is an important step in my marine science career as it gives me the opportunity for hands-on experience in the field. I am excited to be able to apply what I have learned in lectures over the years at Stockton to a marine research project!

Charlotte Leon
Senior, PSM

Coordinating the public outreach for the Marine Ecosystem Research Laboratory is a perfect fusion of my skills and interests - videography and the arts in general, education through media, and obviously marine science!

Tara Misiura
Freshman, Marine Biology & World Languages
MERL gave me the opportunity to network and apply for my current job as an Environmental Services Trainee at NJDEP where one of my tasks is to design a new SAV education and outreach program for the Bureau of Program Development.
Faelyn Meyers
BS in Marine Science, concentration Marine Biology, '20

A Day in the Life of a MERL Ranger