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Microsoft FindTime

FindTime is a tool in Outlook Web that enables calendar-based polling. When coordinating a meeting, FindTime can present attendees with multiple day and time options of your choice. Comparable to a Doodle poll, FindTime integrates with the Outlook calendars of you and your attendees and makes it easy to settle on a meeting time. Non-Outlook users (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo Mail) may also respond to FindTime polls.

  1. On your computer, sign in to Outlook Web and begin composing a new e-mail.

  2. Click the three-dot menu adjacent to the Discard (Trash Can) button. In this menu, click on FindTime.

    A screenshot of Outlook Web, indicating towards the three-dot menu and the FindTime button.


  3. Choose the meeting duration as well as any dates and time slots you'd like to offer as options.

    A screenshot of Outlook Web, showing the FindTime selection interface.
  4. Review your selected date and time options, then click "Add to email". This will add your FindTime invitation to your e-mail. Finish composing your e-mail message and send when ready.

  5. Invitees will receive your e-mail with a link to complete the poll. They will be able to choose which dates and times they are available, as well as designate options as Preferred.

    A screenshot of the response interface for FindTime polls.
  6. When all of your invitees have responded, you'll receive a notification email indicating which date and time was ultimately selected. Weight is given to choices marked as "Preferred".

    A screenshot of a notification e-mail indicating that a time has been selected by the respondents of a FindTime poll.