50th Anniversary

Celebrating 50 Years of Teaching

Celebrating the past, present, and future of Stockton

The University will celebrate 50 years of teaching beginning in fall 2021 through summer 2022.

Ground was officially broken on December 9, 1970 for the new college campus, nestled on 1,600 acres in what later became part of the Pinelands National Reserve. While the Galloway campus was under construction, Stockton’s first class of students began learning at the Mayflower Hotel in Atlantic City in September 1971.

Over the past 50 years, the University has grown exponentially in footprint, academic offerings, regional impact and student body.  Today, more than 60,000 alumni help shape the future of New Jersey and increase the value of a Stockton degree each and every day.

Stockton continues to build on its founding principle of Students First, working to provide a quality education – the type of education offered at private, elite colleges – to all students of every background and ability.

As we get closer to celebrating this milestone anniversary, we invite you share your Stockton memories, view photos of Stockton through the years and join us in the celebration.

Share Your Own Stockton Memory

It can be something – or someone – you’ll never forget. A moment, an event, or an entire career.

Maybe you had a favorite professor who enhanced your education. Or perhaps you participated in service-learning that enriched your life. Did one of your students in class inspire you? What prompted you to give back to Stockton?

We’ll be posting some of your stories on social media and some will appear on this site. Although we won’t be able to publish every story that is shared, know that you always a part of Stockton and your stories are important to us.

What is Your Connection to Stockton?*
Please share the year if you are a Stockton grad.
I give permission for my submission to be used in print, online, or video publication, and for it to be preserved in the Stockton University Archives.
I have photos, videos, audio that I would like to share with my story.
I am a member of the very first graduating class in 1975. My best memory was an event that happened in Physics class taught by Yitzak Sharon. We were studying inertia. Yitzak was always big for doing his live demonstrations. He had a basketball and rolled it on the classroom floor out into the hall. He was demonstrating the theory that an object will just continue traveling in the same direction as long as no other forces impeded its motion.

As the ball rolled into the hallway three guys picked it up and started passing it to each other and dribbling it down the hallway. Yitzak immediately ran out of the classroom yelling to the guys that it was his basketball. When he got back into the classroom everyone started laughing.

Yitzak said, "I got it back". He seemed so proud of himself.

Bob Keane '75

Galloway aerial campus photo from 2020
Galloway aerial campus photo from the early 80's

Upcoming Events

We have much to celebrate, so let's do it together!

September 2021

  • Welcome Week
    (September 2 – 6) 

  • Fall Day of Service
    (September 11) 

  • First Year Convocation  

  • Hispanic Heritage Month

  • Constitution Day

  • Special Presentation at BOT meeting
    (September 22)

  • Get Involved Fair

  • Golf Classic
    (September 15)

The Beauty of Stockton

From breaking ground in Galloway to the Atlantic City Phase II Groundbreaking, Stockton definitely doesn’t look like it used to! View photos of Stockton’s history, growth, beautiful locations and unique approach to education throughout the years. Have a photo of your own to share? Post on social media with #StocktonU50

Celebration Begins:


Stockton Stories

Stockton Stories

This project celebrates Stockton University’s 50 years of existence. Stockton interns have been organizing it around a dozen contexts that have influenced what we were, what we are, and what we will become.

Experience Stockton Stories

Stockton Timeline

Stockton Timeline

Explore Stockton's rich history through our interactive timeline.

Interactive Timeline

50th Anniversary Steering Committee

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  • Trish Collins (co-chair)
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