Instructional Continuity Planning - Voice Mail Notification

Your University voice mail allows you to record a 5 minute greeting message and can also store up to 35 minutes of messaging that has been left for you. In the event of a protracted emergency situation, the University will extend the greeting message recording time to 20 minutes and will extend your voice message storage recording time to 45 minutes.


  • Faculty --- Record a greeting message that includes class assignments, instructions and directions for your students.
  • Students --- Leave private voice messages for faculty.

Resources and preparation needed

  • Telephone
  • Prior to emergency, announce to students that in the event you are unable to conduct class due to an emergency they should call your University office phone for course assignments, instructions and directions.

Procedure for using voice mail

Setting up your voice mail for the first time:

  • On campus – dial 6800
    • From your office -- If you are calling from your phone at your desk, you will be prompted for your password.
    • From another campus phones -- Press * and then Press #. The system will then ask you for your extension.
    • Enter the first time password 531 then Press #. 
  • Off campus – dial (609) 626-6800
    • Press # then enter your extension.
    • Enter the first time password 531 then Press #.

Record name:

  • At the tone record your name
    • Press 1 To Approve
    • Press 2 To Re-record

Create password: 

  • Passwords may be 4 to 15 digits. Passwords may not contain all the same digits (e.g., 55555).
  • Enter your password and Press #.
  • Re-enter your password for confirmation, Press #

Create or change a personal greeting:

This is the message that callers hear when they reach your voice mailbox.

While in the voice mail system:

  • Press 3 -- To access the greeting administration area
  • Press 1 -- To create your greeting
  • Press 1 -- To select the default greeting, then record your outgoing message
  • Press # -- To approve
  • Press 0 -- To listen to your greeting

Voice mail message retention:

Retention time for new, unopened or old messages is 30 days. After 30 days, messages are automatically deleted. NO warning is given.

Advance Training

  • Contact Joe Loefflad (609) 652-4643.



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