Cisco 8800 Series Phone Guide

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Cisco 8841 Picture

See below for various written instructions related to the Cisco IP Phone System

Cisco 8841 Button Layout

  1. VM Indicator
  2. Phone Display
  3. Line/Feature Buttons
  4. Soft Keys (Phone Features)
  5. Navigation Pad
  6. Release Key
  7. Hold Button
  8. Conference Button
  9. Transfer Button
  10. Speaker Button
  11. Mute Button
  12. Headset Button
  13. Dial Pad
  14. Volume Adjustment
  15. Directory
  16. Application Button (Phone Settings)
  17. Voicemail Button
  18. Back Button
  19. Handset

Dialing Instructions

  • Emergency: Dial 911 or 9-911
  • On-campus phones: Dial their 4-digit extension
  • Local:  9-xxx-xxx-xxxx
  • Long Distance or Toll Free: 9-1-xxx-xxx-xxxx

Placing a Call on Hold

  • During a call, press the HOLD button Cisco 8841 Hold Button
  • Press RESUME to retrieve
    • If multiple calls are on hold, use navigation key to select desired call with soft key

Call Waiting

  • Upon hearing call waiting tone, press the ANSWER soft key
    • (Current call is automatically placed on Hold)
  • See above to switch between calls

Transferring a Call

  • Press the TRNSFR button Cisco 8841 Transfer Button
  • Dial Number
  • Press the TRNSFR button again

If Receiving Party Refuses Transfer

  • Press ENDCALL soft key
  • Press RESUME soft key

Conference Call

Allows up to 6 participants including initiator

  • During an active call press Conference Cisco 8841 Conference Button
  • Dial number
  • Press the Conference Button again
    • Repeat

To view active members while on a conference call:

  • Press the MORE soft key, then the CONFLI soft key

Voicemail Setup

  • Press the Messages key Cisco 8841 Message Button
  • When prompted enter the default password:  531531# 
  • Follow Prompts to Completion 
    • Record Name 
    • Record Standard Greeting 
    • Set New Password  
      • New Password must be at least 4 digits 
      • Must not be last 4 of the phone # 
      • Must not be reverse of phone # 
      • Must not be consecutive (1234)/(5678) 
      • Must not contain two different digits (1212) in a row 
      • Must not have three digits the same (8882)

Accessing Voicemail

From Your Desk Phone 

  • Press the Messages key  
  • When prompted enter your voicemail password 

From Another Desk Phone or Outside Phone 

  • Dial (609) 626-6800 Press *, then your extension number followed by a # 
  • Enter your voicemail password

Basic Menu Options

  1. Check NEW Messages 
  2. SEND a Message 
  3. Review SAVED Messages 
  4. SETUP Options 

Change Password

  1. Login to voicemail
  2. Press 4-3-1
  3. Enter new password
  4. Press #
  5. Enter new password again
  6. Press #

Change Your Greeting

  1. Login to voicemail
  2. Press 4-1-1
  3. After Cisco Unity plays your current greeting, press 1 to re-record it, or press 3 to record a different greeting, choose the greeting, and then rerecord it.


Jabber Application Setup

The Cisco Jabber software will allow you to remotely access your desk phone from anywhere using your computer. For setup instructions, visit our Cisco Jabber support page. Cisco Jabber is pre-configured for desktop and laptop computers, but can also be setup upon request on android and iOS mobile devices. To request mobile access to Jabber please call 609-652-4309 to speak to the ITS Help Desk.