Occupational Therapy Faculty

Janette Boney
Clinical Education Support Specialist
OTD, Thomas Jefferson University
Areas of expertise: school-based practice; community fieldwork program development

Contact information
Office: WQ 208 E
Phone: (609) 652-4473
Email: janette.boney@stockton.edu

Jennifer Calabrese
Academic Fieldwork Coordinator
OTD, Chatham University
Areas of expertise: home-based practice, dementia management, evidence -based practice, fieldwork education

Contact information
Office: WQ-211
Phone: (609) 652-4718
Email: jennifer.calabrese@stockton.edu

Megan Foti
Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy
OTD, Temple University
Areas of expertise: support for caregivers, telehealth/emedicine, adult learning and development, evidence-based practice

Contact information
Office: K-154
Phone: (609) 626-6875
Email: megan.foti@stockton.edu

Kimberly Furphy
Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy, MSOT Director
DHSc, University of St. Augustine for the Health Sciences
Areas of expertise: assistive technology, geriatric rehabilitation, spinal cord and brain injury rehabilitation, adult learning/education

Contact information
Office: WQ-214
Phone: (609) 652-4429
Email: kimberly.furphy@stockton.edu

Mary Kientz
Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy
OTD, University of Kansas
Areas of expertise: developmental disabilities with focus on autism spectrum disorders, positive behavioral supports, community based interventions, advocacy

Contact information
Office: WQ-213
Phone: (609) 626-6843
Email: mary.kientz@stockton.edu

Kathleen Klein
Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy
OTD, University of Kansas
Areas of expertise: continuous professional development, interprofessional practice and education, scholarship of teaching and learning (adult learners), science of occupation, clinical neuroscience and motor control, pediatrics, entrepreneurship
Contact information
Office: K-132
Phone: (609) 652-4951
Victoria Schindler
Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy
Ph.D., New York University
Areas of expertise: mental health, learning disabilities and autism spectrum disorders in young adults and adults, supported education
Contact information
Office: WQ-215
Phone: (609) 626-6018
Email: victoria.schindler@stockton.edu