Making Connections: Research to Practice across Disciplines

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A Virtual Interprofessional Continuing Education Poster Event Presented by MSOT and MSCD Graduate Students at Stockton University. 

December 2, 2021


There will be one Zoom Room link and then attendees can select move between breakout rooms to watch the various presentation. If you would like instructions on how to move between breakout rooms please click here.  

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Mindfulness-Based Practice and Multiple Sclerosis 

Bibeault, D., Gedaka, M., Knott, W., Patterson, M., & Rodgers, C.

The Impact of AAC on Social Communciation of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Ashe, M., Diniz, M., Hennis, A., & Marthins, K.

Comparison of Lidcombe Program's and Demands and Capacities Model's Effect on Frequency of Stuttering

DiCarlo, N., Kobilis, J., Pineno, K., & Porricelli, H.  


Effects of Virtual Reality on Occupational Performance in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis

Timney, M., Pinkney, J., Giancola, P., Krejdovski, K., & Coughlin, C. 

Changes in the Service Delivery of Dysphagia Intervention Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Figueiras, T., Gellis, B., Gough B., & Pansini, C. 

Social Intervention and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Morrone, A., Holohan, J., Reef, B., & Yezzi, M. 


Use of Adaptive Equipment with the Adult ALS Population to Enhance Quality of Life

Davis, K., Greene, J., Lawler, S., Pisker, J., Wagensommer, S., & Wilford, C. 

The Cognitive Benefits of Bilingualism for School-Age Children Compared to Monolinguals

Handerhan, J., Horn, N., Ingold, A., & Mora, G.

Melodic Intonation Therapy for People with Aphasia

Parenti, V., Persia, N., Postorino, B., & Toci, J.


The Effects of Strength Based Resistance Training on Hand and Body Tremors in Patients with Parkinson's Disease

Amato, K., Fiebig, M., Huffman, O., Parise, A., & Quigley, F. 

The Iceberg Effect of Bullying on Children who Stutter

Adamowsky, S., Durann, K., Fitzula, J., & Heon, A.

Mindfulness Interventions: The Effects of Alternative Interventions on Phantom Limb Pain

Alip, S., Doran, L., Holsten, K., McCaskill, E., & Young, B.


Burns of the Upper Quarter: Decreasing the Rish of Contractures Through Static Splinting and Positioning Devices

Dominisac, K., Maldonado, A., Nicholas, B., & Osbourne, E. 

Sign-Language and Cochlear Implantation: Differences in Literacy Outcomes

Cozens, B., Sagan, C., Santiago, T. & Sigafoos, A.