Unity Day

Galloway, N.J. – The Social Justice & Education subcommittee of the Committee on Campus Diversity and Inclusion Excellence will host their annual Unity Day conference on Thursday, March 30.

The theme for this year’s event is “Unity in Global Education,” and anticipated topics include:

  • Promoting solutions to social issues
  • Exploring strategies for promoting global education
  • Interrogating colonization and exploring decolonization

The one-day conference is set to be held virtually in the morning and will conclude with in-person lectures and panel discussions in the afternoon. All presentations will follow Thursday class modules – faculty are encouraged to bring their classes to the Campus Center Event Room during these sessions. 


About Unity Day

Unity Day is a campus-wide effort to study, discuss and better understand the world in which we live and the people with whom we share it. It is an opportunity to listen, learn and talk with people of different cultures, genders and points of view. 

Kevin Locke, keynote presenter for Unity Day 2022
Kevin Locke (“Tokaheya Inajin” or “First to Rise") demonstrated dancing with hoops during 2022's Unity Day. 

About the CCDIE

The Committee on Campus Diversity and Inclusion Excellence (CCDIE) serves as an advisory body to the President to assist the university in meeting its commitment to campus diversity and inclusive excellence and the continuing transformation from a campus that believes in diversity to a campus that lives its commitment to diversity. 

The CCDIE includes faculty, staff, students and alumni who contribute to the University’s efforts to support and further campus diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice, as well as the University’s mission to develop engaged and effective citizens with the capacity to adapt to change in a multicultural, interdependent world.

The Social Justice & Education Subcommittee of the CCDIE organizes programs, panel discussions, and research presentations by collaborating with faculty, students, and others whose academic fields or research interests address issues related to diversity and inclusion, whether national or global, in focus.



Members of Social Justice & Education Subcommittee

  • Valerie Hayes, Chief Officer for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Guia Calicdan-Apostle, Associate Professor of Social Work
  • Shedia R. Laguer, Assistant Director of Student Development
  • JY Zhou, Director Office of Global Engagement & Senior International Officer
  • Christopher Lipari-Pazienza, Engage NJ Changebuilder VISTA
  • Dianne Stalling, Assistant Director, Student Development
  • Loukaia Taylor, Multicultural Communications Specialist
  • Julie Shockley, Professional Services Specialist 3, Facilities & Operations