Clinical Practice II Semester

What To Expect

This semester focuses on methods courses and fieldwork centered on actual lessons presented by students in school placement classrooms. The semester includes 100 hours of fieldwork with associated assignments. 

Students entering this semester:  Remember that mentors read your Educational Philosophy to help decide if they’d like to work with you, so please re-visit your Educational Philosophy and update it with any new information you’ve learned.

View this YouTube video presentation to be sure you are eligible.

If you have passed Clinical Practice I with a B- or better, finished your 80 hours of Fieldwork, have a GPA of 3.0 or above and passed Praxis II by the deadline below, you are eligible for Clinical Practice II.

  • Pass Praxis 2 by April 1st: Enter CP II in Fall Semester 
  • Pass Praxis 2 by October 1st: Enter CP II in Spring Semester  

  • April 1st to apply for the next Fall semester
  • October 1st to apply for the next Spring Semester


If you are eligible (View the PowerPoint), follow these steps to apply.

1. Log into the Clinical Practice II Fieldwork Application.

2. Make sure that you pull down the correct semester you are going into (Fall, Spring, or Summer) and pull down the correct course: Clinical Practice 2. Do NOT select Clinical Experience, Clinical Practice 1 or 3.

Wizard CP II

3. To see where we have placements, click here: School Placements.

4. Be sure to click Submit at the end. You will know you did this right when you get an email from Save that email for Step 5.

5. Reply to that email by attaching your Resume and Educational Philosophy. Mentors and principals review these to accept or reject applications, so please make them as professional as possible. See the links on this Supporting Materials page to see samples.

Make an appointment with your preceptor(s) on the precepting days:

  • Fall Semester: Late October/Early November
  • Spring Semester: Late March/Early April

You can find the name(s) of your preceptor(s) on your Degree Works in the top left corner.

Mark your calendar for the student Teaching kick off meeting on December 16th, 8am-4pm, for students entering Final Clinical Practice in Spring 2022.

For Clinical Practice II Fieldwork Meeting Schedule please see the course listing for EDUC 4600 on the Stockton website.

To see the curriculum for your area of interest useDegree Works.

If you are a current student at Stockton University, access your portal for Degree Works, then look for the “what if” option to explore the various teacher certification paths.

This program is accessible even if you are not currently a student with Stockton University. in this case, follow the instructions on the Eudcation Interest sheet you can find here.

We have following program paths/degree options available: