Advising/New Students

Prospective Students

The School of Education encourages all undergraduate students who might be interested in our program to make an advising appointment and attend an information session early in their college career. High school seniors are also welcome to attend. Every student is unique: we will evaluate your transcript and recommend the best path to certification for you. Ocean County Students have a Pilot Program pathway.

Make an Appointment with Kate Juliani, Prospective Student Advising Counselor, by calling 609-652-4504 or signing up at

Current Students, see your preceptor, view the information below or on the current students tab, or visit the office in J201.

Students interestest in the Alternate Route, please follow the link to the Alternate Route.


Student Information

  • Preceptorial Advising
      • Fall Semester: Late October/Early November
      • Spring Semester: Late March/Early April
  • Praxis Core / SAT / ACT Deadlines:
      • Fall Semester: April 1st 
      • Spring Semester: October 1st 
      • Summer Semester: February 1st
  • Criminal Background Check and TB Test Deadlines:
      • Fall Semester: April Precepting
      • Spring Semester: October Precepting
      • Summer Semester: February 1st

ETS/Praxis Testing

Stockton is an official electronic testing site for ETS/Praxis Core/ Praxis II testing!!! Please see ETS to register for a time and date that is available.

Please see ETS to register for a date, time and location that is available.

Please be aware that the number of available seats can change 24 hours a day and the information presented might not have been updated to the current status yet. Please refer to the ETS website for up to date availability.

Stockton ETS/ Praxis Testing Dates and Times

Valid ID with name, signature and photograph must be presented at check-in, or you will be turned away and not be able to take the test per ETS requirements.

Please check the ETS website for all rules and regulations...

Be aware that ETS reserves the right to ensure the security of test content by using electronic detection scanning devices (e.g., hand-held metal detectors/wands). Failure to comply may result in dismissal from the test and forfeiture of your test fees.  

Some tests may allow calculators-check the ETS website

NO cell phones, smart watches or any personal items are allowed in testing room other than your identification needed for test.  Please leave personal belongings in your car.  We have SMALL lockers available if necessary.

NO food or drink allowed in computer testing room.

To avoid the current construction at Stockton, please park in Lot 1. Other parking lots are also open as contruction allows.

Testing room location: G-108

You can get to the G building two ways:

  • Walk through the main Campus Center building, through the courtyard in between H and F wings. (The letters will be displayed prominently on the glass staircases outside of the buildings.) Enter the main building there.  G wing will accross from you slightly to the left.
  • Walk around the Campus Center on the right, up the hill. Campus Center is on your left and F wing on your right. Turn right into the courtyard between H and F.  (The letters will be displayed prominently on the glass staircases outside of the buildings.) Enter the main building there. G wing will accross from you slightly to the left.  Campus Map 

From the North (northern New Jersey and New York, north of Parkway Exit 44)

Travel south on the Garden State Parkway to Exit 44. Take Exit 44. At the stop sign at the end of the ramp, turn right onto S. Pomona Road (County Road 575). Travel ½ mile. At the entrance sign for Stockton University, turn left onto Vera King Farris Drive. Parking for Housing 1, 4 and 5 is available immediately on the right. For campus parking, continue ½ mile on Vera King Farris Drive, parking is available on the right.

From the West (Camden/Philadelphia Area, west of Expressway Exit 12)

Travel east on the Atlantic City Expressway to Exit 12. Take Exit 12. At the stop sign at the end of the ramp, turn left onto Wrangleboro Road (County Road 575). Proceed straight through the traffic lights at Tilton Road (County Road 563) and White Horse Pike (Route 30). At the next traffic light, W. Jimmie Leeds Road, turn right. Travel 1 mile on W. Jimmie Leeds Road to the entrance sign for Stockton University on the left, turn left onto Vera King Farris Drive. For campus parking, continue about 1 ½ miles on Vera King Farris Drive, parking is available on the left.

From the South (southern New Jersey, south of Parkway Exit 44)

Travel north on the Garden State Parkway and take Exit 41. At the light at the end of the Exit 41 ramp, turn left onto W. Jimmie Leeds Road. Travel 1 mile to the entrance sign for Stockton University, turn right onto Vera King Farris Drive. For campus parking, continue 1½ miles; parking is available on the left.


Custom Directions to Stockton

The Stockton Testing Center will be open unless the Stockton University Home Page states that the campus is closed. Please check the Stockton University homepage for announcement about closures.

*Taking Praxis Core?  FYI, the Writing section has two essays.  The test does NOT allow you to skip an essay and go back to it.  If you click Continue to see the second essay, you can Not go back to the first one.*

Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators

What is the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators Test (CORE)?

It is the Pre-Professional test that checks Reading (5712), Writing (5722), and Math ( 5732) skills. Stockton requires that a student earn a minimum score of 156-Reading, 162-Writing, and 150-Math on the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators test for entrance into the Teacher Education Program. (You may take the Combined test - 5751)  

Do I need to take Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators Test?

Yes, unless a student earned *SAT or *ACT scores according to the Department of Education guidelines for certification.  If SAT scores are unavailable through your high school, one can contact College Board for further information. *A combined score of the SAT test is no longer accepted per NJ state requirements adopted on September 1, 2015. Candidates may not "mix and match" sub-scores on one test (e.g. SAT) with another test (e.g. ACT or Praxis Core). See the Department of Education Basic Skills FAQ for more information.

I took the Praxis II test, do I still have to take the CORE test?

Yes,  The CORE or passing SAT or ACT scores are required for admission into the Teacher Education Program. The Praxis II test is a STATE requirement for licensure/certification. All students must pass the Praxis II in their appropriate subject area before student teaching.

How do I register to take the CORE?

Contact Prometrics at 1-800-853-6773 or register on line with the Educational Testing Service (ETS) at

Please print out your Praxis Core Academic Skills Test & Praxis II scores within the time allotted by ETS.  Save a copy for yourself and the School of Education office.  

ETS charges extra to give you access to your scores if you do not print/save them within their time frame.

• What happens if I do not pass one or more portions of the CORE exam?

One must pass all three sections of the CORE prior to entry into Stockton’s Education Program. A student need only retake the failed portion of the CORE.

• Praxis test dates offered at Stockton:

Please check the Praxis website for registration requirements.  Please check NJ state requirements before signing up for Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators Test (formerly Praxis I) or Praxis II tests.  NJ requirements may change.  Stockton is now an Electronic Testing site for Praxis!!!


What is Praxis II?      

New Jersey requires passing scores on appropriate Praxis II subject area exams for teacher certification. Students must pass the appropriate Praxis II exams prior to Student Teaching. All teacher candidates are encouraged to take Praxis II exam as soon as possible. For more information on these exams, consult and follow the links for Praxis and state requirements to find the latest details on exams required for certification in New Jersey.


Do I have to pass Praxis II before I can student teach?

Yes.  Official scores must be in our office by May for Student Teaching in the Fall semester, and by October for Student Teaching in the Spring semester.

How do I register to take the Praxis II exam?

One must register on line with ETS.  IMPORTANT:  Once you are registered, be sure to DOUBLE CHECK that you have signed up to take a test that NEW JERSEY accepts.  Different states have very similar test names, but if you wish to be certified in New Jersey, you must register for ONLY those test codes accepted by New Jersey.

What happens if I fail the Praxis II exam?

The Praxis II may be re-taken.

 Do the Praxis II scores expire?

Praxis II passing scores have an expiration date of 10 years.

Is there a middle school praxis test?

Yes, teacher candidates applying for middle school subject area endorsement(s) must pass the Elementary Praxis II test and the subject specific middle school Praxis II test.

If I take Praxis II in a content area for secondary certification, do I have to take Praxis II in the same content area for the middle school?

No. A passing score in a secondary content area qualifies the teacher for middle school instruction in that subject area only.

I’ve heard about the “Flexibility Rule”. How would that affect me?

The NJDOE licensure and Credentials has two rules in place for students who require flexibility for either their GPA or certification test requirements. Please consult the certification adviser in the School of Education for details.

 PLEASE NOTE:  The following was discussed, voted upon and passed as new program policy- As of September 1 2015, students gaining entrance into the Stockton TEDU certification course sequence must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and pass the Praxis II without the use of the “flex rule” to qualify for student teaching.  Students not meeting these requirements will not be permitted into student teaching. Exception: K-12 World Language certification students must, at minimum, pass the Praxis II to qualify for student teaching. The OPI will not be required to qualify for student teaching but must be taken and passed to be recommended for teacher licensure.

Fee Waivers may be available for college students wo meet certain eligibility criteria.  Please refer to the Praxi/ETS site for more information. 

ParaPro Assessment is not offered at Stockton University.  Click here for more locations.