TEDU Secondary Program

K-12 students and a teacher learning in a classroom


The Teacher Education Program is aligned with New Jersey’s Professional Standards for Teachers. Stockton’s teacher certification curricula have been approved by the New Jersey Department of Education and are recognized by the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification.

The program is a fieldwork-intensive program requiring candidates to spend 160 hours in public schools prior to the student-teaching semester. Field experiences/clinical practice (including Student Teaching) are coordinated and organized by the School of Education. Students complete certification requirements either in conjunction with or following the completion of a first bachelor’s degree in the liberal arts or other major.

Undergraduate Secondary (K-12) Certification Program Options

This program path/degree option is designed for students who wish to pursue a baccalaureate degree at Stockton, along with a degree certification in Secondary Education. Several degree options are available. 

All teacher education candidates must meet or exceed current New Jersey code, requiring a 3.0 GPA.  Students must complete the Praxis Core with passing scores of; Reading-156+, Writing-162+ and Math-150+. Students may substitute ETS (Praxis) Core Academic Skills scores with SAT scores of 560+ reading and 540+ math or an ACT score of 23+ on both the English and Math section.

Curriculum Options

  • Secondary/K12 degree paths- these are subject specific depending on what you want to teach
    • Art certification
      • BA in Studies in the Arts with a Visual Arts K-12 Certification Concentration
    • Biological science certification
      • BA in Biological Science with an Education Concentration or
      • BA in Marine Science with an Education Concentration or
      • BA in Environmental Studies with an Education Concentration
    • Chemistry certification
      • BA in Chemistry with an Education Concentration
    • Earth Science certification
      • BA in Environmental Studies with an Education Concentration or
    • English certification
      • BA in Literature with Litt Secondary Concentration
    • Mathematics certification
      • BA in Mathematics with an Education Concentration
    • Physics certification
      • BA in Applied Physics with an Education Concentration
    • Social Studies certification
      • BA in Historical Studies with an Education Concentration or
      • BA in Political Science with an Education Concentration
    • World Language certification
      • BA in Language and Cultural Studies with a French K-12 Certification Concentration or
      • BA in Language and Cultural Studies with a Spanish K-12 Certification Concentration

To explore the various curricular options at Stockton use the linked sheet to navigate our academic advising software, DegreeWorks.