Faculty and Staff Resources

Course Related

Illness/Bereavement/Personal: If you become ill or need to miss class for any reason, you must contact the ARHU office in sufficient time for an Official Cancellation Notice to be posted.

Email Michelle Wismer at michelle.wismer@stockton.edu and Deanna Tumas at deanna.tumas@stockton.edu to notify the office that you are cancelling class. Inlcude the instructions that you provided for students and a brief explanation for cancelling. Additionally, call the office at (609) 652-4505 to ensure that they received your message. Please ask to speak with a member of the ARHU Staff (do not leave a message with a student worker.)

The office will post a cancellation notice which will include a note directing students to check their Stockton email account for any assignments that you want them to complete prior to the next scheduled class meeting. You should email the assignment to your students directly through your faculty web/class account. 

Academic Conferences: If you will be traveling for an academic conference, please notify the Assistant Dean of your plans for class coverage in writing no later than two weeks before your travel dates. 

Note: Additionally, it is only necessary for you to email the Assistant Dean if you need to make any alternate arrangements for your classes. We also ask instructors to make up any missed classes, if it is possible to do so.

In instances where the course has a waitlist, if the student is in the first place on the waitlist, please send the Assistant Dean an email requesting that the student be registered as an additional student. Faculty should only contact the Assistant Dean on behalf of a student if there is a compelling reason (e.g., graduating senior) and a seat in the room. Please also keep in mind classrooms do have set fire code capacities. We cannot, by law, go over the room capacity.

  1. Log in to the “GO” Portal.
  2. In the far right column, under “Faculty Advising Tools,” click on “Issue Permit.”
  3. Select Term, click SUBMIT.
  4. Enter the Z number of the student to receive the POI. In “Search Type,” make sure “all” is selected, then click SUBMIT.
  5. On Student Verification page, verify that this is the correct student to PERMIT into your course. If yes, click SUBMIT.
  6. Courses for which you are allowed to issue POIs will appear in a drop-down menu. Select the course you would like to PERMIT the student into.
  7. Scroll down a bit and select “Override Everything but CAPP” under “Permit Type,” then click SUBMIT.
  8. Screen updates to show the student you just permitted to your course with the course listing. NOTE: You may need to click SUBMIT once more in order for the permit to process.

This is only a permit for the student to be allowed to register for this course. This does not automatically add the student to your course. 

Please contact Vic Conover, Vic.Conover@stockton.edu, to see if changing your room assignment is possible. We will make every effort to ensure that your rooms meet the needs of your classes, but due to space limitations, it may not always be possible to fulfill every request.

Please do remember to check your rooms before the start of the semester, so that we can minimize issues once the semester starts. You are more than welcome to make arrangements to switch rooms with other instructors on your own, but please notify the office immediately so that we can maintain the accuracy of the class schedule online and make sure there are no unforeseen issues.

Please visit the General Studies website to view materials related to General Studies course proposal/review process. The “G” Course Approval Form may be accessed here.

Print and Copy Requests

Email requests to print tests should be sent to all Dean's Office staff. Brian Lyons will respond first. In his absence, other staff members will respond to the request.

Please plan to print all copies and course materials at least one week in advance of the date by which you need them. 

Be sure to give all exams that you need photocopied directly to Brian Lyons. Do not leave them in the work bin.

Due to Copyright laws, requests for photocopying of entire books absolutely will not be honored.

Through Follett College Bookstores, Custom Academic Publishing Company provides a service to secure copyright permission, custom publishing, permission for out-of-print books, and Harvard Case Studies. CAPCO also offers a copyright “permission only” service. Forms are available in K-150.


You can learn more about Degree Works by visiting this page. You can also contact The Center for Academic Advising at 652-4504 or email degreeworkshelp@stockton.edu.

To add a preceptee to your roster, log in to your Go Stockton portal. Faculty tab > Faculty Advising Tools > Form for Accepting a New Preceptee.

Fill out this form and submit it to your Program Chair. Then, email the form to Deanna Tumas (deanna.tumas@stockton.edu) for the Dean to approve and sign. Once the form has been signed, the ARHU office will process the form with Academic Advising.


View Stockon's Grading System here

To assign an Incomplete in place of a grade, the Agreement for Completion of Coursework (also available on the Faculty tab under "Faculty Resources") form must be filled out, signed by both the instructor and student, and submitted to Deanna Tumas (deanna.tumas@stockton.edu) for the Dean (or Assistant Dean) for approval.

The form will be sent to the Registrar's office (who will input the "I" grade) and a copy will remain on file in the ARHU office.

Instructors can make grade changes for the current or past two semesters using the "Grade Change" link under "Faculty Advising Tools" on the Faculty tab in the Portal.  Once a change is submitted, both the instructor and student will receive a confirmation email.  The change will be visible on the student's transcript and the "Grade Summary" screen but not on the "Final Grades" screen. Changes can only be made to A - F, I and X grades.

For changes in other situations, please contact the Assistant Dean or the Registrar's office (registrar@stockton.edu).

The Grade Appeal Procedure may be found here

Graduation Information may be accessed here

The criteria for graduation with honors may be found here

Independent Studies and Internships

  1. Internship Agreement

    For off-site internships, contact the School of Arts and Humanities to inquire about the company/organization's affiliation with Stockton.

    All internship sites require a signed Internship Agreement that is reviewed by the Office of Staff Counsel. If there is no current affiliation with the site, the School of Arts and Humanities will work with the Office of Staff Counsel to draft an Internship Agreement for the site supervisor to review, sign, and return. Then, the Assistant Dean will sign the agreement which will be placed on file with the Dean's Office.

  2. Internship Form

    Submit a completed University Internship Form to Michelle Wismer in the Dean's Office (michelle.wismer@stockton.edu).

    Please note that the Internship Form will not be approved by the Assistant Dean until the Internship Agreement has been processed. 

  3. Registration

    The School of Arts and Humanities will process the Internship Form and submit the form to the Registrar's Office and the Bursar's Office. It is the responsibility of the student to confirm that they are registered for the course prior to the start of the semester.

    All students must complete their registration prior to the start of their Internship.

Independent Study Forms, along with a syllabus, must be submitted to Michelle Wismer, Michelle.Wismer@stockton.edu for approval by the Assistant Dean prior to the start of the semester.

Internship and Indepenedent Study payments are disbursed during Pay Period 10.


The “base allocation” of faculty development funds (more broadly defined than simply travel), determined by the Deans in conjunction with the Provost, will be $1200 for tenured faculty this year.  Each full-time ARHU faculty will have access to these funds.  (Junior tenure-track faculty have access to an add­­­­­­­­itional $1400.00.)  

Applicable expenses include:

  • conferences
  • research expenses
  • instructional expenses
  • outreach activities

ARHU will try to supplement these funds when necessary, though we will try to spread our support as equitably as possible.  For faculty whose travel expenses significantly exceed the base allocation, we’ll review how much ARHU funding individual faculty members have received in the past three years to help determine who receives additional ARHU funds. 

We encourage faculty to apply for additional monies through internal grant opportunities supported by the Provost’s office. Please click on the link on the Grants webpage (https://stockton.edu/research-sponsored-programs/index.html) about Internal Funding Opportunities. Most of these funds have specific required forms and deadlines.

Faculty may still transfer unused funding to colleagues in ARHU programs if they so choose.

We ask that all faculty encumber funds needed for travel by April 1, even if they are traveling after the spring semester ends and before the next academic year begins, so that we may plan for any additional funds that might be needed beyond the guaranteed base allocation.

Before you go:

  • When to complete: Work with Brian or Madeline to complete Chrome River form  2-3 weeks prior to departure.
  • This web link also has information pertaining to domestic and foreign per diem rates, approval for
    attendance form, student travel, FAQs, travel procedures job aid, etc.

  • Stockton homepage:  select travel from a-z index link.

  • What is needed: backup supporting potential reimbursement such as logistic of actual conference (webpage or email showing conference dates and location), airfare confirmation, hotel info, mileage, registration, meals, etc. Per diem rates apply to lodging and meals.

  • Why needed: liability and reimbursement. Chrome River forms are required for all business travel, even if  
       reimbursement is not requested. Completing the form notifies the University of intended travel. This includes
            all forms of travel, such as grants, sabbatical, Distinguished Professor, R & PD, etc.

  • NOT REIMBURSABLE – alcoholic beverages, any meals included in conference will not be included in per diem, telephone calls. You can refer to the travel procedures job aid for a complete list of non-reimbursable items.

  • Stockton’s travel department put a ban on using Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, hostels, etc. for business
    They stressed safety concerns due to a lack of regulation and safety standards, as well as liability. 

  • Please complete the “Request for Approval for Attendance at Events” (RAAE) form whenever you are traveling/attending an event and complete a Chrome River for pre-approval of travel.

  • Below are the steps to use to access the electronic “Request for Approval for Attendance at Events” form.

    • Log on to the portal
    • Select the EMPLOYEE Tab
    • Under the header “Offices to Know” click the “Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity link
    • Look to the left and click on “Forms”
    • Login using your portal credentials
    • Confirm your email (Stockton email)
    • Complete the Digital Form “Request for Approval for Attendance at Events form” by clicking on the appropriate title.
    • Click Submit.

 When you return: (items listed below are required for reimbursement)

  • Proof of flight (boarding pass works best)
  • Proof of payment for registration (cancelled check, credit card statement, official payment confirmation from
    conference, etc.)
  • Detailed hotel checkout receipt
  • Toll receipts, if driving (EZ Pass statement, receipts)
  • If using a University credit card, you still need receipts
  • DO NOT use a University credit card for meals. If so, you must provide a receipt. Meals not charged to the credit card will be reimbursed at the per diem rate.

When in doubt, save all receipts. Until further notice, meals will be reimbursed at the per diem rate without receipts.

Requests for a van must be arranged through Pat. Your request should include the size of van needed, date, pick up and drop off time, driver’s name, a copy of the driver’s license, travel
destination and reason for van use.

A Chrome River form needs to be completed to capture any out-of-pocket expenses that might be incurred (parking, tolls, gas). 
A copy of valid driver’s license is required.


Stockton has migrated from travel credit cards managed by Commerce Bank to PCards managed by Bank of America. Primary use for most credit cardholders is for travel. Some cardholders now have purchasing capability along with travel functionality. 

Purchases made with PCard are the same as if using a personal credit card. Stockton’s use of purchase orders is being phased out for most purchases. 

If using the card solely for travel (airfare, registration, lodging, car rental, parking, etc.), receipts are still necessary to reconcile charges. Receipts can be an email, photo from phone, or physical receipt. Once expense has been posted to credit card, scanned receipts are uploaded into WORKS, assigned an accounting string, and posted to the appropriate program. 

Purchases with a PCard will operate in the same manner when it comes to receipts. Purchases can be done online or on location.   Single item PCard purchase cannot exceed $2,999. Items exceeding this amount must be ordered using a Purchase Order. 
Vendors not registered as a business with the state of New Jersey are limited to $4,950 in spending. If you are not sure, contact Purchasing for a list of vendors. (B&H is on the list.) PCards cannot be used for Ebay purchases. 

NOTE:  we do not pay taxes for purchases. If taxes are applied, it is the cardholder’s responsibility to have tax removed. Tax exempt forms can be found by typing PCARD in search box on Stockton’s homepage and then selecting Account Information.

All items purchased using a Purchase Order or out-of-pocket reimbursement are considered University property. All books, computers, technology, software, paints, costumes, etc. must remain as property of the University.

Sales tax will not be reimbursed for any out -of-pocket reimbursement.


The ARHU Faculty and Staff Event Planning Form (online) is used to schedule events. On this form you will list the name of the event, date, time, location, and marketing needs.

This form should be completed at least one semester ahead of when you would like the event to take place. This will ensure that you get a room on the date that you request. Contact Michelle Wismer (Michelle.Wismer@stockton.edu) with questions.

The ARHU Event/Contract Request Form needs to be submitted if your event has lodging, transportation, and/or meals that need to be covered. Please submit this form to Brian Lyons (Brian.Lyons@stockton.edu).

If you are having a reception, you must settle the menu, cost, and funding sources with Madeline at least 30 days prior to the event.

Work with Brian Lyons to cost out catered events through Chartwells. An ARE form needs to be completed prior to the event so that payment can be processed when billed.  

You are responsible for submitting a Guest Parking Request for any guests you bring to campus. Click here for Guest Parking FAQs.