Test-Optional Admission

Stockton students walking to class

Stockton University is Test Optional for incoming first-year (freshman) applicants! Apply for admission without SAT or ACT scores.

We recognize that standardized test scores are not always the best predictor of academic ability. Our test-optional admission policy provides greater access to students who are successful in the classroom, regardless of test scores.


Please note, while SAT/ACT scores are not required for test-optional admission, we encourage students to share test scores with us. Scores will be used for class placement purposes and may exempt you from taking placement exams. For more information, visit our placement testing website.

Exceptions to Test Optional Policy 

Students applying into the following programs must submit test scores for admission consideration. 

NOTE: Certain majors require proof of math readiness prior to joining the program. 

If you have applied/will be applying into a science or health science major, please review the FAQ below for additional details. 

For those students choosing to submit test scores with their application, or who are applying for one of the programs exempt from the test optional policy, scores must be sent to Stockton directly from College Board (SAT code –2889) or ACT (ACT code–2589). 

Merit Scholarship Policy

All students are considered for merit awards, regardless of test score submission. Our scholarships consider both your academic and extracurricular achievements. For more information, visit our scholarship website.

Test-Optional Procedure

Students applying test optional should answer the Preferred Testing Plan question on The Common Application or the Stockton application with "I will NOT submit SAT or ACT scores and wish to be reviewed under Stockton's test-optional policy." 

Frequently Asked Questions

All first-year students, except those applying to one of the test optional exempt programs listed on this page. 

If you do not submit standardized test scores, you will be required to take Stockton's placement tests.

Note: Certain majors requirement proof of math readiness. Please review the question below "I have applied into a science or health science major. Do I need to submit test scores?" for more details.

No, although submitting them may help you qualify for your chosen program. (Exception: Accelerated 7-yr. Medical, Pharmacy, and Nursing require test score submission.)

The following majors require proof of math readiness prior to joining the program:

  • All programs within the School of Natural Sciences & Mathematics
  • All programs within the School of Health Sciences with the exception of Public Health
  • Computer Science within the School of Business

You can demonstrate math readiness by completing one of the following:

  1. Submit SAT and/or ACT Scores. You will need a 570 or higher SAT Math score or 24 or higher ACT Math score in order to qualify for your chosen major.
  2. Take Math Placement Tests. Stockton administers the Accuplacer placement test for accepted students. You must first score 256 or higher on the Next-Generation Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics (QAS) test in order to qualify to take the Advanced Algebra and Functions (AAF) test; you must score 260 or higher on the AAF test in order to qualify for your chosen major.

There may be other ways to qualify, including through specific high-level high school math courses or dual-credit/college courses taken during high school. Contact admissions@stockton.edu for more details. 

If you don't qualify for your chosen major through any of the above means, you can still enroll in Stockton as an "undecided" major; once you meet the math requirement, you can change your major from "undecided" to your original choice. Many students choose this route and often complete their math requirement during their first year at Stockton. 

Possibly. To potentially satisfy the requirement, you must: 

  • Be currently enrolled (12th grade) in Honors Pre-Calculus, Calculus, or AP Calculus, or
  • Have previously completed (11th grade or prior) Honors Pre-Calculus with a final grade of at least a B+. Consideration will also be taken if you took Calculus or AP Calculus in 11th grade or prior. 

NOTE: The above criteria should serve as a guideline, not an absolute. Every applicant will be reviewed individually, and grades within specific math courses will be evaluated. 

Yes, we will take the highest section scores (EBRW, Mathematics) across all SAT test dates. With ACT, we will use the highest section scores, forming the highest possible Composite score.

NOTE: The Accelerated Medical program requires scores to be from one test date. 

EOF applicants follow the same general test optional policy. Test scores are required for the listed exempt majors.

Yes, as long as you're not applying into a test optional exempt program.

No, they are not required, but we suggest submitting them if you can; you may be exempted from taking some or all of Stockton's placement tests.

Note: Certain majors requirement proof of math readiness. Please review the question above "I have applied into a science or health science major. Do I need to submit test scores?" for more details.

Yes. Neither SAT nor ACT scores are required for consideration into Stockton's Honors Program.