Educational Opportunity Fund

        The EOF program is designed to meet the educational and financial needs of students whose potential for college may not be reflected in their academic grades and whose economic background makes it extremely difficult for them to pursue a college education without financial aid. Our program makes higher education possible by building a community of students who are eager to learn by exposing them to academic/co-curricular experiences.

        The EOF Program focuses on the academic development of eligible students. While the primary emphasis is on the development of students' intellectual skills and habits, efforts are also made to increase confidence, develop social skills and broaden horizons.

        Stockton's EOF program has a strong tradition of educating, empowering, retaining and graduating students. As a result of the opportunities provided to them through their participation in the program, many EOF students have become leaders on our campus.


The heart of EOF is a five-week, residential summer immersion experience. Active since 1971, our motto of “Dignity, Intensity, and Pride” is evident in the successful academic careers of more than 350 current scholars, and thousands of Stockton EOF-Galloway alumni. Based in the main campus in Galloway, NJ, Stockton’s original EOF program combines college-readiness coursework with social and cultural opportunities. EOF-Galloway students will also engage in team-building exercises, to ensure that students start their university careers with the mindset to succeed. In addition, EOF-Galloway students receive financial aid, assistance with purchasing books, academic support, advising, and more!
Phone: 609-652-4647
Fax: 609-626-3494

EOF-Atlantic City

The Atlantic City EOF program offers the same services and support as traditional EOF programs, but is designed to build tomorrow’s leaders today. EOF-AC exposes students to field trips to local landmarks and non-profit agencies. EOF-AC students are leaders on campus and are members of clubs, community organizations, the Student Senate, and the Board of Trustees.  The Summer Academy is housed in the new Atlantic City campus, allowing students to capitalize on the city to engage in community-based leadership and involvement, service-learning, and career readiness.

Phone: 609-761-1240
Fax: 609-761-1212


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    EOF Students 4

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    eof students at Atlantic City Christmas parade

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EOF logo

The EOF logo symbolises Dignity of oneself, Intensity that will make you do your best and Pride, in being a Stockton EOF graduate.