Pathways to High Impact Practices

This model is designed to create pathways to high impact practices (HIPS) for unrepresented minority students in order to advance equitable access to HIPS linked to positive academic outcomes. This pathway is marked by education, engagement, and achievement. 

This model is supported by research indicating that involved in HIPS is associated with academic achievement. Please see examples of supporting evidence under the "educate" tab.


The first component of the model will include workshops and programs with the goal of educating students about HIPS, their value, and how they can be accessed. Please see below for opportunities to begin educating yourself about HIPs and their associated outcomes. 


The second component of the model centers on providing opportunities for engagement in HIPs. Please click on one of the HIPs below to learn more about engagement opportunities related to each.



The final component of the model is an opportunity for the Office of Academic Achievement Programs to showcase the achievements of students who engaged in HIPS. Students will demonstrate how their selected HIP has positively impacted their academic achievement and post graduate goals. The purpose of highlighting these achievements is to encourage increased involved in HIPS among other underrepresented minority students, and ultimately, develop a culture of engagement in HIPS accompanied by high academic achievement and post graduate success among students of color. This component is marked by the Equity in Academic Achievement Dinner & Fundriaser, where students are recognized for their HIPs achievements.