Student Success Scholars Program

COVID-19 UPDATES FROM Student Success Scholars Program

Please be advised that Student Success Scholars Program staff are working in-person and remotely due to COVID-19. As a result, some services may be limited, and e-mail will be the best way to communicate with our staff. Staff will also be available in person. Complete updates on Stockton University's response to COVID-19 can be found here:


The Student Success Scholars Program is a program designed to assist students with their overall experience at Stockton University.

Let us help you:

  • get organized
  • better manage your time
  • develop your academic and career goals
  • become an autonomous learner
  • empower you to succeed

The Program aims to help students navigate and maximize the benefits of various academic and student life resources available at Stockton and includes individualized mentoring by Stockton faculty and staff and trained peer mentors.

When you join the program you will be assigned a personal mentor or a peer mentor who will work with you. The Program requires at least one face-to-face meeting and weekly updates via phone, texting, or email with your mentor.

Students must bring all relevant materials to their meeting including class syllabi and notes.

Your mentor can refer you to any appropriate services on campus that will help you reach your objectives.

Please complete the application below to join as a program participant

Application Form

Featured Mentees & Mentors

Rosheka Faulkner

Rosheka Faulkner, '21

Moira Sweeder

Moira Sweeder, '21

Jessica Peoples

Jessica Peoples,  '20

Stephanie Russell

Stephanie Russell, '19

Jodie Davis

Jodie Davis,   '18

Anthony Pagano

Anthony Pagano,  ‘16

Alexandria Dobbin 

Alexandria Dobbin ,  '19

Stephanie Medvetz

Stephanie Medvetz,   ‘15

Steven Kalman

Steven Kalman, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Robert R. Heinrich

Robert R. Heinrich, Chief Enrollment Management Officer

Christy Cunningham

Christy Cunningham, Associate Director for Training and Organizational Development

Lauren Wilson

Lauren Wilson, Assistant Director of Student Development

Cynthia Miller

Cynthia Miller, ‘14

Laurie A. Griscom

Laurie A. Griscom, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Event Services and Campus Center Operations

Amy Brennan

Amy Brennan,  '17

Kristen Bollinger

Kristen Bollinger,  '16

Lauren Fitzpatrick

Lauren Fitzpatrick,  '14, '17

Kathryn Evey

Kathryn Evey,  '17

Alexandra Normil

Alexandra Normil,  ‘16

Rick Mulvihill

Rick Mulvihill, Tenured Instructor of Criminal Justice