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Welcome to the Study Abroad page. From here, you can navigate to all the pertinent information regarding studying abroad: rates, destinations, and more.

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Application Deadlines

Spring: The 4th Sunday of October
Summer: The 2nd Sunday of March
Fall: The 2nd Sunday of March

*The deadlines listed are for the Stockton application only.  You also will be responsible completing your selected Provider's application simutaneously, and adhering to any deadlines that they may have.
**Deadlines for petition programs vary, see more details here.


Announcements & Upcoming Events (see full calendar)

Education Abroad 101 Workshops

In this workshop, we provide all basic information about how to make study abroad happens, topics such as:

  • Available program (providers, exchanges and Faculty led)
  • Available terms
  • Curriculum matching and course approvals for a semester abroad
  • Financial aid eligibility, scholarships and grants
  • Alumni reflections and peer-to-peer advising

All workshops are offered at 4:30 in F-111. Spring 2020 schedule is listed below:

  • January 28
  • February 25
  • March 24

No RSVP is needed, for more information, please contact the Study Abroad Advisor, Natalja Manger at  

Mandatory Study Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation

  • First Saturday of April* (Summer/Fall)
  • First Saturday of December* (Spring)

All semester study abroad students are required to attend the Study Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation.
*Alternate orientation date is available, on the Thursday following the primary Orientation date. Announcements go out after application period closes.


Programs Providers

Stockton utilizes an approved list of Study Abroad Providers, who create and manage the programs abroad. If you wish to use a different provider, please click here for more information and file a petition.


Stockton Travel Advisory

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