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The PFP Post is an electronic newsletter emailed to families. The newsletter provides information about upcoming events and deadlines as well as tips to help family members support their college students' success.  The newsletter is sent through our Family Listserv and shared on our social media platforms.

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Parent & Family Association

About the PFA

  1. Membership to the PFA is free of charge to any parent or family member of a registered Stockton student. The purpose of the organization is:
  2. To encourage and support parents and family members of Stockton students by providing a venue for interaction and sharing of common experiences.
  3. To facilitate communication between parents, students, and the university through a support group like atmosphere.
  4. To assist in the transition of students and parents to Stockton.
  5. To promote and sponsor programs and provide volunteer services that meets the needs of families and involves parents in the campus community.

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