Kara Teehan

Image of Kara TeehanBA Mathematics, BA Education '15


My name is Kara Teehan and I graduated from Stockton University in
May 2015 with degrees in Mathematics and Education, as well as teaching certification for K-12 Mathematics.

As an undergraduate math major, I had the best educational experience possible. I was afforded the opportunity to engage in undergraduate research in algebraic topology and graph theory, beginning my sophomore year. It was an amazing learning experience that opened up many opportunities for me in subsequent years. During my time at Stockton, I learned mathematics from extremely intelligent, perceptive, caring and pedagogically astute professors.

As a current high school mathematics teacher and Ph.D. student in mathematics education at Rutgers University, I strive to emulate the actions and pedagogy of my Stockton professor. I went into my graduate program extremely well prepared in both mathematics and in mathematics education. The content knowledge and career preparation I developed while at Stockton gave me an advantage in the process of securing a job as well. The overall preparation and advantage faculty guidance I received at Stockton has been invaluable to me. All of the faculty members are enthusiastic and enjoy working with undergraduate students, which is not something that you find at every university.

I very highly recommend Stockton and the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. I so strongly validate the programs at Stockton that I recommended that my brother, Trevor Teehan, consider Stockton as an undergraduate option. He was equally as impressed and I, and has completed his freshman year as a dual-degree mathematics and engineering student. His accolades and acclaims for Stockton and his mathematics and science courses have been made in the same spirit as mine. Trevor credits the passionate and dedicated faculty and rigorous, engaging courses with his current success and continued desire to pursue a career in mechanical engineering.

We both believe that Stockton should be the premier choice for a student desiring small classes taught by field experts, as well as engaging academic and social experiences. Stockton will be an extremely positive influence, and you will receive an amazing education.