GIS Laboratories and Facilities

The computing capabilities of the GIS program center on 2 computer labs, AS202 and AS209.

AS202 is a regular 20 seat computer lab with a faculty podium equipped with a projector and document camera. AS209 has the some of the most powerful machines on campus for student use.

There are 26 student computers and a faculty podium in the room. All of the machines are equipped with a quad core processor, 16 gb of RAM, 500gb of local hard drive space, 2 gb video RAM on the GPU's and dual monitors on each student station. The faculty station is connected to 3 projectors in the classroom. The main projector is in the front of the room and there are 2 additional projectors on the GIS Softwareside. Each of the additional projectors are also connected to a single collaborative student workstation that can be used for group viewing or working on a collaborative project.

We are currently using the following software in both rooms:

Arc GIS Desktop & Arc Info Workstation
Erdas Imagine
Quick Terrain Modeler
Pathfinder Office
Google Earth


Both labs have the ability to print b/w and color laser prints as well as access to a 44" plotter for doing large and oversized prints.