Geology Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs)

Stockton University’s 10 Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs)Essential Learning Outcomes Logo
combine Stockton’s flexible and Stockton's ELO logo distinctive liberal arts education with real-world, practical skills. They guide all Stockton University students from first-year through graduation to the intellectual and marketable talents needed to prepare for personal and professional success in the 21st century. As a set of values shared by everyone in the campus community, students encounter opportunities to develop ELOs in all Stockton majors, career preparation, professional experiences both on and off-campus, and academic as well as social activities.

Communication Skills

Students will:

  • Produce scientific communications such as oral presentations, posters and technical papers that are suitable for presentation at scientific forums.

Creativity & Innovation

Students will:

  • Connect varied geologic concepts and apply them to the complicated real-world environment out in field studies
  • Create new scientific knowledge within the geosciences during independent research study projects.

Critical Thinking

Students will:

  • Be skilled at analyzing data, making interpretations, and drawing meaningful conclusions, even if those conclusions are contrary to initial expectations.
  • Develop the reasoning abilities to construct valid scientific arguments.
  • Demonstrate sound problem-solving skills applied to both qualitative and quantitative scenarios.

Information Literacy and Research Skills

Students will:

  • Be able to discover, obtain, and evaluate scientific information from different sources.
  • Understand how to properly assign credit to academic sources.

Program Competence

Students will:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in the continuum of geologic skills from basic knowledge to advance synthesis and evaluation of concepts in geology, including fundamental theories, methods and multidisciplinary applications.

Quantitative Reasoning

Students will:

  • Apply mathematical expertise to analyze and solve geological problems.