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     - Research and Professional Develoment Committee Procedure
  • Signatory Authority
  • To ensure that proper time and attention is given to external proposal preparation, the ORSP recommends that all administrative items in their final version with placeholders for the final science/narrative be sent to the ORSP by 12pm noon five (5) business days prior to the sponsor deadline.  The proposal in its final form for submission to the sponsor, including the final science/narrative, is due to the ORSP by 12pm noon two (2) business days prior to the sponsor deadline.  Once the ORSP has reviewed the proposal, a request for any changes to the administrative and/or scientific components of the proposal in line with all university and sponsor policies may be made.  All requested changes must be completed and returned to the ORSP by 5pm, one (1) day prior to the sponsor deadline. 

     *The ORSP is not responsible for last minute changes, other than those requested by the ORSP, that the investigator may make to the proposal within 24 hours prior to the deadline, or any adverse impact such changes may have on the proposal submission. 

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